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Luxlock to Offer Token Gated Shopping Experience on Shopify With Brand Connector From Smart Token Labs

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Built by Smart Token Labs, Brand Connector Enables Web2 Brands to Bridge Into Web3

Smart Token Labs, a Web3 open source software development company, announced the integration of its product, Brand Connector, with online retail platform, Shopify, via a custom application developed for Luxlock.

Online retail platform, Luxlock, will leverage Brand Connector to deliver token-gated shopping experiences to users, reach new customers based on their digital asset holdings, and reward qualified NFT holders with exclusive limited edition products.

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Luxlock has 37 partner stores on Shopify and believes NFTs can be an integral part of connecting brands and consumers to more intimate and exclusive experiences, with token gated experiences that can increase exposure and awareness to an emerging consumer group.

“It’s a natural alignment for Luxlock to partner with Smart Token Labs in our continued commitment to support brands’ personalization and initiatives by curating unlockable shopping experiences for high-impact engagement,” said Casey Golden, CEO of Luxlock. “Fashion provides the largest opportunities to scale transactional and experiential utilities through web3 applications.”

Luxlock’s OneWorld Commerce experience merges digital, physical, and metaverse lives, making it easier for brands to adopt Web3 applications. The Luxlock Experience Manager enables brands to manage curated customer journeys across brand portfolio assets and to access thousands of experiences that reward their customers throughout the year.

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Jendaya is the first Luxlock brand to deploy Brand Connector on their e-commerce store.

“Authenticating our own NFT loyalty programs, VIP customer base, and collaboration partners doubles down on the efforts of the biggest fashion players and their foray into Web3,” added Ayotunde Rufai, CEO of Jendaya, the first company to integrate Brand Connector for a Shopify storefront. “Jendaya is committed to playing ahead of the curve and validating the importance for fashion to be represented as expression, awareness, and commerce.”

“Smart Token Labs is very excited to partner with a progressive brand like Luxlock to create a token gated rewards journey via the Shopify store experience,” added Victor Zhang, Co-founder and CEO of Smart Token Labs. “Brand Connector is designed to bridge Web3 tech into Web2 websites and platforms with a particular focus on rewards, loyalty and brand experience.”

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