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MediaMath Integrates Merkle’s Merkury ID to Scale Cookieless Identity Management, Activation, and Attribution

Latest SOURCE integration enables brands to execute digital marketing efforts programmatically, linking first-party person-level IDs to known offline consumer profiles

MediaMath, acclaimed independent advertising technology company for brands and agencies, and Merkle, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company, today announced the full integration of Merkle’s Merkury ID into SOURCE. For the first time, this will enable any advertiser using MediaMath’s SOURCE to accurately identify consumers across devices while visiting premium publishers’ sites to personalize advertising without the use of third-party cookies. Dentsu will be the first agency network to offer this capability to its clients. M1®, dentsu’s data platform used by over 5,000 employees across its media agencies, is fully interoperable with the Merkury ID graph and MediaMath’s SOURCE platform.

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Earlier this year, MediaMath and Merkle announced a partnership to integrate identity resolution capabilities into SOURCE – MediaMath’s fully addressable, accountable and aligned supply chain—through Merkury, Merkle’s identity resolution and data platform that enables first-party cookieless identity. Now, all U.S. marketers using SOURCE have access to an unparalleled level of accountability and supply path transparency that provides a complete understanding of person-based reach, frequency, real working media and KPIs. This allows for management of programmatic efforts against person-based individual identifiers in a privacy-safe way and furthers MediaMath’s SOURCE ecosystem as the most addressable and programmatic supply chain in the industry.

“The need to evolve beyond the third-party cookie that drove the advertising industry here has spurred much innovation. One of our jobs is to identify, integrate, and scale those solutions that will serve as the basis for the enterprise web that is emerging,” said Joe Zawadzki, CEO and Founder of MediaMath. “Merkury’s modern identity framework solves for the growing expectations and regulation around consumer data for both the sophisticated marketer and premium publisher and pays off on the SOURCE promise of an increasingly accountable, addressable and aligned digital supply chain.”

The integration empowers digital marketers to personalize campaigns by using the Merkury ID, which is person-based, and appended offline third-party data for targeting and measurement across multiple devices and supply paths. The Merkury ID is integrated with 30+ premium publishers as first-party audience identification and resolution, including logins, emails the publisher possesses, and page views. SOURCE customers can use the Merkury ID and data to build and find audiences through custom segments and models, representing the first-ever programmatic trading of marketer and publisher cookieless, private graph IDs.

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“Today’s digital marketing ecosystem is wrought with challenges caused by the third-party cookie,” said John Lee, president and corporate chief strategy officer, Merkle. “As marketers and publishers strive for person-based audience identification, addressable targeting, and accurate measurement, the Merkury ID integration with MediaMath’s SOURCE represents the reset of programmatic buying to a model based on identity quality and transparency. We’re excited about the benefits marketers will experience such as one-to-one targeting, efficiencies from true reach and frequency measurement, as well as the sustainability of identity across channels and devices at a time where industry changes threaten this vision.”

Dentsu will be the first agency network to offer this capability to its clients. M1®, dentsu’s data platform used by over 5,000 employees across its media agencies is fully interoperable with the Merkury ID graph and MediaMath’s SOURCE ecosystem. “We’re excited about being a first-mover for clients on the ability to target and measure programmatic display buys without any reliance on third-party cookies. This is an important step to help improve and build better accountability into the programmatic supply chain and also future-proof audience targeting and measurement efforts for clients,” said Doug Ray, CEO, Media at dentsu U.S.

The integration of the Merkury ID is the latest addition to the SOURCE ecosystem, which continues to expand to meet the evolving needs of today’s marketers as they navigate a turbulent programmatic landscape. Other recent innovations include a comprehensive contextual targeting solution with Peer39 and a CTV attribution tool with TVSquared.

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