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Karlsgate Launches Karlsgate Identity Exchange™ Allowing Marketers to Share Consumer Insights While Protecting Consumer Identities

Karlsgate Identity Exchange enables secure data sharing in a privacy-by-design platform to support marketing, advertising, measurement and analytics.

Karlsgate, a secure data collaboration company, today announced Karlsgate Identity Exchange, the market’s first zero-trust required data sharing platform. Karlsgate Identity Exchange offers a better way for marketers, advertisers, media, agencies and technology companies to share consumer insights while protecting consumer identities and complying with consumer privacy regulations.

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Announcing Karlsgate Identity Exchange: The market’s first zero-trust required data sharing platform.

Leading industry organizations have joined Karlsgate Identity Exchange to facilitate the secure integration of consumer data files including Adstra, Acxiom, Fushia Media, Healthwise, MDPortals, RytePath, Trovo, MSLA International and more.

“Clients continue to ask Acxiom to innovate with secure, efficient approaches to sharing data with their partners and third-parties,” said David Skinner, chief strategy officer at Acxiom. “Karlsgate Identity Exchange was instrumental in helping us enhance a media client’s database without requiring them to share their subscriber information.”

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Karlsgate Identity Exchange ensures the highest level of data security and privacy compliance by using Cryptoidentity™—encrypted, single-use pseudonymized tokens—and a distributed network architecture to match two data sets without sharing or exposing Personal Data identifiers. It solves a number of critical challenges facing marketers and their partners including:

  • Maintain data custody – Distributed processing ensures organizations never lose control of customer identities because it never leaves their environment
  • Customer privacy protection – Single-use pseudonymized tokens guarantee no identity disclosure, retention, persistency or re-identification
  • Streamline data sharing – Collaborative portal allows complete control and transparency removing the need for lengthy testing agreements and processes

“Clients need a way to orchestrate any form of data or identity at any digital or offline endpoint, all while protecting and maintaining control over their data,” said Chandos Quill, Chief Strategy & Development Officer at Adstra. “Karlsgate Identity Exchange is unique in the market and we’re excited to be partnering with them to provide a secure data sharing option for our clients.”

“The legacy infrastructure for data sharing leaves risky gaps in consumer identity protection because it relies on moving Personal Data around the digital marketing ecosystem,” said Brian Mullin, Co-Founder and CEO at Karlsgate. “Karlsgate Identity Exchange represents a new paradigm for securely sharing and matching data sets without transferring data custody to any third party.”

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