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The Top 15 SEO Tools Every Sales and Marketing Leader Needs to Know More About

Companies and brands use the latest digital marketing techniques to develop a competitive advantage and strengthen their core competencies. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential to develop a competitive edge over others to ensure sustainable growth in the long run. This requires in-depth knowledge and effective implementation of the latest tools and technologies in the field of digital marketing suiting one’s business domain.

Digital marketing is a very expansive marketing technique that utilizes digital technologies to promote different products and services. In this domain, there are several forms of internet marketing techniques, namely search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing, display ads, pay per click ads, etc. But one of the most effective and widely trusted digital marketing techniques is Search Engine Optimization, – SEO.

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Need and Importance of SEO

Search engine optimization is a common term in the field of digital marketing. It is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. Search engine optimization is exceedingly important in present times as it can increase the visibility of the website in search results, increase the traffic of the website, improve the rate of conversion, and this subsequently leads to an increased ROI.

SEO techniques should be one of the most focused areas for all the digital marketing companies as it is a cost-effective way to improve the search engine rankings of the company’s websites. A wise SEO strategy improves the ranking in organic searches, and it is most often a primary source of website traffic. A good SEO boosts the credibility and authority of the website and helps improve the user experience.

Top SEO Tools for Sales and Marketing Professionals

Let us look at 15 SEO tools that marketing leaders should definitely know about in order to improve their Search engine optimization strategies and be a step ahead in the game:

  1. Google keyword planner

A keyword planner provides proper suggestions and ideas on the best keywords to be used in your next digital marketing campaign. Once you decide the keywords for the product or service in the campaign, the keyword planner can be used to provide past statistics of similar keywords, most used keywords by the searchers, and the competitiveness of those keywords. Using this data, you can identify the keywords that are relevant to your product or service and then use those keywords in your content for better results in your SEO efforts.

  1. SEM Rush

This Boston-based software company offers SEO tools for keyword searches, a tracking keywords facility to find out what is used by competitors, the tools helps perform SEO audits, and much more. It also allows you to build powerful backlinks and do an organic keyword search.

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  1. Longtail PRO

This SEO tool helps find keywords to tackle the competition. It runs on Adobe Air which works on both Windows and Mac OS. Low competition keywords can help increase web traffic significantly.

  1. DeepCrawl

It is an effective website crawling tool. This cloud-based web crawler enables you to crawl your website, other external sites, analytics data, backlinks, URL lists, and sitemaps. Website crawlers are programs that the search engines use to collect data from different websites on the internet.

  1. ScreamingFrog

It is a desktop application that can be installed locally on Windows PC, Mac, or Linux. It helps you with the data that a web crawler would see and register when it crawls a website. It helps in improving on-site SEO.

  1. Woorank

This tool has various features to improve overall website performance, including competitive analysis which involves providing insights on the competitor’s keywords and strategies.

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  1. Ahrefs

It is a tool that is used to prepare an audit report and do a full backlink analysis. It can also be used for competitive analysis and URL rankings.

  1. Ontolo

It is a link building tool which offers good resource material to guide users on effective link building practices. It helps in finding prospects based on the content and phrases in use.

  1. Link research tools

It provides high-quality link building data and helps in link building. It has its own set of SEO metrics and tools which will help monitor the competition easily.

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  1. White spark

This tool helps businesses with local SEO. It focuses on citation building, citation audit and clean up.

  1. Moz Bar

This tool is available as a chrome extension which is free to use. It helps gather advanced metrics that are required to do an SEO on-the-go.

  1. Google search console

It is a service provided by Google, which allows webmasters to check the indexing of different websites and improve website visibility. It helps in understanding the performance of a particular website online.

  1. Open site explorer

It is a tool developed by to help in tracking the links which lead to a particular website. It is an optimization tool that is like a search engine for links. It can be used for off-site SEO.

  1. Advanced web ranking

It is a ranking analyzer tool. It provides information on the search performance of a website with respect to location, language, search, or devices.

  1. Authority labs

It is an SEO rank tracking software. It can be used to automate keyword monitoring and track local and mobile rankings. It is suggested that business owners do a daily tracking of their search engine rankings.

These are some extremely useful tools that can be integrated to ace your search engine optimization strategy. Some of the tools are free, and some are chargeable. They provide useful and advanced features that can prove to be beneficial in improving the performance of a website significantly and in turn, get better SEO results. This will help bring the website a wider reach and to get more conversions.