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Customer Engagement In The Digital Age

Any business owner or marketing professional knows that getting your message out there is only half of the equation. Your target audience should do more than just see what you have to offer — they should relate to the company’s brand and mission. Engagement is the dividing line between a consumer who occasionally buys your product and a loyal, repeat patron. There’s a good reason your company should make customer engagement a higher priority: People who are fully connected with an organization account for 23% more revenue than average customers.

However, taking a glance at the current landscape might make this seem like an uphill climb. Thanks in large part to the explosion of digital media, there are more voices than ever, all fighting to be heard. You could be forgiven for believing that you stand very little chance of standing out from the crowd and connecting with potential customers — but that’s not true.

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In fact, the same technology that appears to be overwhelming your efforts can become powerful tools, if you deploy them purposefully. With a well-designed digital strategy, you could cut through the noise and engage with consumers in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Utilizing Social Media

For example, social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook can be much more than online billboards. The interactive nature of these sites makes them perfect for outreach and customer service. In fact, nearly half of all consumers report that they have interacted with a company through at least one such network. The fact that these platforms provide an instant and convenient conduit for communication makes them especially valuable to small and mid-sized businesses.

Developing Apps

Creating a mobile app for your company is useful not just for e-commerce opportunities, but also for building engagement. Apps can deliver personalized promotions and deals to individuals based on their preferences and shopping histories. Approximately 60% of consumers say that receiving a surprise offer or gift helps them feel more connected to a brand. Digital applications also provide a streamlined method to manage rewards or incentive programs.

Augmenting Reality

One of the biggest challenges in online commerce is that buyers may not feel as motivated to purchase if they can’t experience or interact with the item in person. Fortunately, advancements in virtual and augmented reality have solved this, to a degree. These technologies allow shoppers to place furniture in their living rooms or sit behind the wheel of a new car without actually leaving their homes. This means fewer carts are abandoned and people feel more engaged with the products.

When customers truly engage with your offerings and messaging, the results can be tremendous. Even though you might feel that technology is hindering the ability to make your voice heard, it doesn’t have to be that way. For more interesting facts about the impact that digital marketing can have on your overall engagement, take a look at the accompanying infographic.

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