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SalesTechStar Interview with Leonardo Scatturice, CEO at OCP Tech

OCP TECH, an industry leader for integral technological solutions, recently sealed a strategic partnership with Oracle in order to maximize and grow its operations in the United States. Leonardo Scatturice, CEO at OCP Tech joins us in this interview to discuss this latest partnership and shares a few marketing and sales tips.


Can you tell us a little about yourself Leonardo? How did the idea of OCP Tech come about and we’d love to hear a few highlights on the company’s latest partnership with Oracle.

 OCP TECH was born as part of Optimum Capital Partners, to satisfy what we believe is an unmet market need. How we develop it and focus on sectors such as agribusiness. In this case, the technology sector where we are a strategic partner of high value, with a long-term perspective and great geographical coverage, always maintaining the agility of a Startup.

We rely on a high-level relationship, leveraged by the best engineers on the market, with the highest certifications in the partners we select. For example, Cisco & Oracle. We have a portfolio with great depth and great recognition in the market, for this we have a large number of CCIE’s and Technological Architect Engineers of all technologies, which makes us undisputed regional leaders in that segment of infrastructure, development and integration.

The new alliance with Oracle allows us to accelerate our established expansion plan, makes us go faster, opens doors for us and it is our landing in the United States and from there to Latin America, as we have done this time, the challenges make us fold the bet, invest and grow in economic aspects and human resources what we believe is one of the most valuable pillars of our investment. Oracle is a fundamental key to this and we are proud to expand with them.

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Digital transformation is underway for world companies as the need to redefine operations and strategies in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic is driving this change more rapidly: what top tips / thoughts would you share based on this? What should companies keep in mind as a priority?

Digital transformation is underway for global companies, as the need to redefine operations and strategies. The Covid-19 pandemic is driving this change more quickly.
The already installed “New Normal” came to expand technology to all areas. Remote work has existed for a long time, now it is a need and all those connections must be protected, because they are the heart of the organization. From our point of view, already with the advance of the pandemic, the focus should be on Multi-cloud Models to maximize infrastructure, secure all interactions and the availability of information everywhere. This will allow you to leave as quickly as possible with the production processes active and ready to use.

There are a slew of technologies today to help companies and distributed teams align efforts and work towards business goals- even during the lockdowns around the world due to Covid-19, several companies were able to cope because of the right supporting tools and tech. As the year progresses, what tech stack for sales and marketing would you say would become integral to help ensure business continuity?

Today there are a wealth of technologies to help companies and distributed teams align efforts and work towards business goals, even during worldwide blockades due to Covid-19, multiple companies were able to cope with the right tools and support technology. As the year progresses, what technology package for sales and marketing would you say would become comprehensive to help ensure business continuity?

The first, to expand the collaboration between all the teams, either via software such as Webex and also with video equipment, secure, agile and that allow to give traceability to the information and of course share it, as if we were all in a physical meeting room. Secondly, the possibility for all members to access the applications and systems of the central offices, with wi-fi and virtual private network management (VPNs) that are secure and have double authentication processes (DUO) . Going forward, to help maintain social distance, for example in schemes such as retail, applicable to branches, buildings and others, wi-fi with HD cameras and applications that give us alarms about the distance of people in the same space. All this is already ready and being used, it must be expanded to all areas in order to take care of itself and give continuity to the business.

How according to you will capabilities and functionalities of new digital and tech solutions evolve over the years, what are some of the in-demand features you predict will soon start taking center stage for business-to-business firms?

We are working closely with governments and large private clients with a focus on collaboration, multi cloud, security and applications tailored to each market. Today, the use of technology to satisfy a need is the key, we no longer push technology per se, we focus on the “Business Outcome” and from there we see how we leverage that need with technology.

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While remote work is still largely in place due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic even though businesses and economies are slowly inching towards reopening, what are some of the thoughts you’d like to share with global teams?

The focus should be on getting out of this situation, finding a cure, and the world going on. As I said before, there is technology, applications, wi fi everywhere, secure environments, custom software, management systems, secure databases, and the technology is available, it is its use that gives it meaning and value, especially to Global distributed teams, access all information, from wherever you are and in a secure way.

As a tech leader, in a challenging environment due to the Covid19 pandemic: what are some of the ways in which you are enabling a balanced remote work culture while maintaining motivation levels?!

First-rate technological tools, freedom of action and time, flexibility, today we are all in our homes with different realities, a lot of focus on being close to customers, to help them get through this moment and be clear that the priority is to get ahead , with the best result, as is our DNA.

Any last minute parting thoughts?

At OCP TECH we are ready to emerge from the pandemic, we leverage technology, but always with the focus on the client’s need, their business and a high-level, long-term strategic relationship. A corporation-minded start up. We have an aggressive expansion plan to satisfy clients who have businesses around the world, where they are, is where we will be to help them.

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OCP Tech

OCP Tech is an American company that carries out the development, implementation and management of IT projects together with the analysis, diagnosis and recommendations to define, review or evaluate architectures that achieve the resolution of highly complex problems.

Leonardo Scatturice is the CEO at OCP Tech