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A Shifting Creative Economy Connects and Thrives

Our creative economy is facing an incredible moment of transformation. Almost overnight the illusion of stability has shifted to a more complex landscape with many unknown variables disrupting how people relate, create, and approach the art of business. Despite what seems to be unfathomable change, there are profound constants that have become even more essential. Connectivity and an open approach to creativity are touchstone themes that will become even more valuable as we face a world adjusting to COVID 19 and its impact.

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Musicians know the power of these concepts intrinsically. Sharing knowledge and providing tangible experiences in real-time is at the core of music’s impact. Generosity is as important as virtuosity.  In this world of hyper connectivity, our platform catalyzes the interaction between artists and musicians with a unique community-driven approach. MOD Devices proposes the means to connect the bright minds of software developers with musicians through an open-source audio processing system and a series of innovative hardware devices, that are at home on stage and in more intimate creative settings. Paired with a vibrant network of users online and in real life developer events, we are among a group of community-based companies redefining the creative economy.

We like to think of ourselves as a bridge. We promote open-source technology facilitating creative access to musicians. At the same time, we are building a marketplace where new independent developers can monetize their creations. This means fresh ideas available to users on a constant basis. While doing so, we offer established software developers a platform on which their users can bring their creations to the stage. This promotes a new dynamic where an idea hungry audience can use established audio plugins in new ways while accessing classic processing techniques effortlessly. From the musician’s perspective, we provide a device that is configurable to the maximum, enabling the musician to create his very own digital setup and join the conversation in the development and refinement of our system and plugins. The direct contact provided by this group fosters the collective. This conversation drives not only the development of the audio plugins but also the devices themselves while being well made and cost-effective.

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It has become ever more essential that creative companies’ online presence reflects the mercurial needs of their patrons. The social element and invaluable resource of users connecting directly with each other, as well as the developers, has been a powerful signifier of a successful creative ecosystem. Fostering the creative economy will come with facilitating true connections between creative minds. In this moment of required distancing and introspection, inspiration will be invaluable and ongoing dialogues crucial.

The market can be cold but flourishes when offering the chance for individuals to thrive outside of a strict consumerist mandate. The collective’s demand for more depth and richness will enhance the way musicians and other creatives operate. A closer connection between social media and product engagement is the logical next step in a malleable system rooted in lifting the user’s abilities while keeping the creative conversation dynamic, engaged, and profoundly connected. All of which will be invaluable as we experience this modern puzzle.