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7 Highest Earning Category for Android Mobile Apps

Like us, there are many people who have a curiosity in their mind how a free app can receive such a high value in the market. We all simply download it from Google Play and App Store. Actually, it is the trick of the mobile app development company to make money from the app in other ways.

Nowadays people are showing their interest in the Web Series. Thus, different online apps like Netflix, Showbox, Crackle, and others have been introduced. But for this, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. 

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In contrast to movies, Web Series are far shorter and engaging. We also order Fast Foods and snacks from a long distance popular restaurant and café to enjoy at home.

According to Statista, it has been shown that the apps which provide the services at minimal or free of cost are the leading gross today in the world.

App revenue statistics reveal that in the last year almost 3.8 million mobile apps have been downloaded from Google Play, and App Store. If it continues like this, it is expected that the total revenue of the mobile apps will exceed $190 billion within 2020.

Now, 10% of smartphone users are willing to pay for an application or subscription or enjoying uninterrupted entertainment. But they invest only for such applications which are unique in its functionality, performance, and quality. This makes a 98% profit of designing and introducing the application.

There are many other factors as well like app monetization and Augmented-reality Apps For Android rewarded videos which are important for continuous earning of the app. In this article, we will let you know about the most successful app categories. So, let’s get started. 

1.    Advertising

Advertisement always has a great impact on our lives. Thus, mobile apps developers are designing a mobile app with lots of ads. This is helpful in receiving money on per display, per install, per click and per impression. There are 5 ad variants which can be utilized in mobile apps. They are banner, video, interstitial, native and incentivized. The descriptions given below will clarify how these have become earning apps:      

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Incentivized ads

We all wish to get rid of unusual advertisements which interrupt our game and entertainment. But, the reward is the attracting thing for us, right? Therefore, such ads become the first choice for developers with some pop-up actions like poll filling or content sharing. It increases app loyalty along with in-app sponsorship and currencies.

Interstitial app

It is the full-screen ad which pop-up for a specific time. It is specifically displayed during the opening and closing of the app. It offers only two tabs to the user- one for closing and another is for checking. Clicking on both of these tabs add some earning value to its revenue.

Native add                                                                                      

It will denote exactly how much money do apps make per ad because it is the only ad which is integrated with the app. It is sponsored with some special videos and contents for any particular product or brand. As it will get popularized, the monetization model of the app will automatically increase.

Video ad

It is the most interesting among others.  Though it starts automatically but has a manual pause. If any user watches it till its end, some reward points will be provided to the user and will add some monetary points to its developers.

Banner ad

It is specifically designed so that the user can enjoy any mobile app seamlessly. It is placed on the bottom or top of the Smartphone screen. Though, it is less intrusive still clicking on this will be a profit for the developers.

It is specifically designed so that the user can enjoy any mobile app seamlessly. It is placed on the bottom or top of the Smartphone screen. Though, it is less intrusive still clicking on this will be a profit for the developers.

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2.    Referral Marketing

It is somehow similar to the advertisement of in-app for monetizing the app.  It is one of the top app categories by revenue which is helpful for making money through apps. It is even considered as the affiliate marketing in which the informational contents of any affiliate company are placed in specific mobile apps. The profit from this category is completely depended upon the number of installs and clicks it received. Basically, you can earn money via CPA (Cost-per-Action).

3.    Freemium model and in-app purchase

Mobile games apps are the best legit money making apps because it has been designed with this specification. Rather offering any subscription charge, they offer the sale of physical or virtual items. These are all loaded with the opening of new content of the app, block ads, and additional bonuses. Performing any action completely means helping the app owner to get a commission for it. 

4.    Subscription Model

It is the most common model used by the developer to make a way of earning money from the app. It is one of the most popular app categories android which is trendiest! The revenue stream has been classified according to the specific time period for the year- annual, monthly and weekly.

You may have been familiar with this model for using any cloud services provider for video and audio. Consumers receive accessibility while on the other hand, the owner gets money!

5.    E-commerce

It is the most booming industry where physical items are being sold and bought. E-commerce is only helpful for consumers, and this statement confuses you, right? You might have thought about how to make money from mobile apps for shopping like Amazon. All of the logistics including selling, buying, and delivery are incorporating the owner to make a profit from it. You get some discounts, rewards, and cash back and they also earn some profit on each processing. It’s so simple.  

6.    Crowdfunding model

According to the statista app, this new-comer will rock the trend of app monetizing with its fairways. It is still developing its innovative way so that it can be unique and easily stand out from its crowd. The main motto of it is to monetizing any app at free of cost.

7.    Email Marketing

It is the most profitable strategy for any industry. You can say “The Traditional Technique” which assists you in collecting data and sharing corresponding materials for marketing. This was one of the most popular app categories 2018 which is extremely helpful during app notification of news, rewards and new features. 

Hope, now you have understood that app is not free at all. They are a way to earn some digital money or cryptocurrencies. But mobile apps company is still focused to make the people’s job easier to bring a completely new world of digitalization not only to make money.   

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