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2021 AIOps Benchmark Report: More Than 90% of Organizations Investing in AIOps or Plan to Soon

Survey results highlight why IT Ops teams need AIOps to tackle overwhelming IT Ops data challenges, reduce outages and ensure the availability of digital services

 BigPanda, Inc., the leader in AIOps Event Correlation and Automation, today released its 2021 AIOps Benchmark Report, a white paper produced in conjunction with StarCIO that surveyed IT Ops leaders and practitioners on the challenges they faced in 2021. Among the report’s findings: more than 90% of organizations are already investing in AIOps or plan to soon, and the 16% of respondents who qualify as early adopters say AIOps already makes a significant operational impact on their organization.

The goal of the report was to review how digital transforming organizations improve the reliability and performance of their applications, services and overall infrastructure when using AIOps. The report helps leaders better understand how event correlation, observability, event enrichment, noise reduction, incident triage, and other AIOps-driven machine learning capabilities enable IT Ops teams to improve reliability and performance while also keeping costs in check.

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“The challenge of balancing innovation with performance and reliability creates a paradox for organizations, and many have turned to AIOps to address it,” said Isaac Sacolick, founder and president of StarCIO and author of the report. “Our research found that the most forward-looking organizations are investing in machine learning and automation thanks to its ability to centralize monitoring data and simplify diagnosing incidents.”

The Digital Transformation Challenge
For many large and midsize enterprises, the quest for digital transformation means building more applications, developing microservices, integrating SaaS, modernizing legacy systems, implementing real-time data processing, enabling data science, and supporting hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. But how does this impact the IT operations teams who must keep those initiatives running?

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The research found that this is an issue facing roughly one-third of respondents; some report being risk-averse and too slow (22%), while others report moving too fast (12%) and creating frequent operational issues.

Other trends to emerge from the report include:

Major incidents prove time-consuming. Response to major incidents is a huge challenge, with 25% reporting priority one (P1) resolutions requiring more than six hours to resolve.

Customer experience is paramount. The research shows the top application development objective selected by nearly 50% of respondents is developing and improving customer-facing applications.

Recruiting and developing talent is a challenge. More than 50% of respondents said the technical skills needed to investigate and address incidents is a top concern.

Businesses are turning to automation. While respondents invest in several IT Ops solutions important to their businesses, nearly 50% identify AIOps and automation as the leading trend for improving reliability and performance.

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