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Why Are Identity Resolution Platforms Essential for Sales and Marketing Teams?

One customer, plenty of identities across different digital platforms, this can lead to plenty of confusion…

Before we dive into how an identity resolution tool works, imagine this. Did you ever want a comprehensive process that combines multiple identifiers across all the typical B2B buying touch points to resolve customer identities in order to create a more holistic and omnichannel view of your customers?

There is a way you can do it. Several users are visiting your brand from different devices and from varied online platforms, and when you have the right systems kept in place, you can reach them everywhere, every time while they make a buying decision. It is also important to reach out to the most lucrative set of customers, though. With the right set of tools by your side, this process becomes easier.

What should you do? Have an ‘Identity Resolution’ tool in place:

Identity resolution gives you the entire information about any anonymous profile, profiles logged in to your website from different channels. The resolution system is going to compile all the gathered information into one profile to give the marketer or salesperson a more singular view of the customer.

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Why do marketers and sales teams need Identity Resolution tools today?

Here is an example: A proud business owner ends up having both, an online and physical store, and he enjoys a healthy footfall. Now imagine, a customer checks his store online first and later goes to buy a product from the physical store in a particular location. Result – confusion with the customer and the chances of duplicity in the records. In such cases, an identity resolution software helps to define a unified customer profile and reduces duplicity, multiple entries from the system. It fosters easy and targeted communication for future cross selling or up selling initiatives.

An Identity Resolution tool is important to sales teams and marketers because:

·         76% of the customers expect brands to understand them and deliver experiences according to their needs. 51% of the customers claim that most of the companies fail to do so.

·         The identification of customers and their journey across channels is critical to know who they are and what they are looking for in order to improve their buyer journey.

·         An identity resolution tool helps you understand and analyze visitors across the website. It allows marketers and salepeople to have deeper insights into who were the anonymous users and who are to be converted.

·         It helps marketers and salespeople stay connected with their potential customers at all touch points without any information gap.

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A few top Identity resolution tools that can work for you:

1. LiveRamp

LiveRamp utilizes your data in a safe and effective way. The final aim is to resolve the identities of customers, and the software has robust core capabilities to do this. The tool features an unparalleled professional network helping marketers to better connect with their partners, control and improve customer experiences and generate more valuable sales and business outcomes. Its interoperable identity infrastructure offers application services for resolution, configuration and enhancement.

2. ZeoTap

With a reliable identity resolution software like Zeotap, brands and companies can better understand their customers in order to predict their buying behaviors. The tool helps marketers and salespeople to boost their loyal base of customers by creating more meaningful customer experiences. Various modules supported by Zeotap are customer data unification, identity resolution, enrichment, analytics and establishing connection with 100+ partners in the marketing ecosystem.

3. Signal

Signal has a pre-existing siloes of customer data and the company helps businesses create meaningful customer experiences with the first-party data they already own. Their customer intelligence platform enables brands to connect with users in real-time. It integrates your customer data from all touchpoints into a single customer profile and the brand gains insights about their entire customer journey.

4. Akamai Identity Cloud

Akamai is a cloud based, SaaS solution simplifying customer resolution for small, medium and large enterprises alike. Akamai’s seamless, purpose-built, and identity Cloud offers scalable infrastructure needed to covert, manage and engage millions of customers. The tool includes customizable registration, authentication and SSO, easy integration, consent and preference management into your MarTech-SalesTech ecosystem. It further offers advanced customer data protection for privacy regulation without sacrificing customer experience goals.

5. Throtle Onboarding

Throtle takes pride in offering services to accurately connect brands with their customers. Being a data centric identity resolution platform, it drives personalised marketing based on real individuals. The primary advantage of this tool is the decades of experience the team has at its core. The team has developed technologies and data processes themselves to ensure that the brand obtains and understands their customers with highest level of fidelity.

The identity resolution tool that you choose will identify the datasets, choose personal information to merge datasets, remove bogus values, standardize the personal information, and build a resolution algorithm to analyze the results.

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