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What Next After Your Video Prospecting Step?

The growing demand for videos in marketing and sales is showing no signs of slowing down. Coupled with this demand, the constant influx of sophisticated video marketing and video prospecting tools adds to the popularity of this channel.

Over the recent years, most marketing and sales leaders have advocated the need and importance of including some sort of video outreach as part of a typical B2B buying cycle.

While most B2B teams are now on board with the process, with over 54% in this segment citing that they rely on video to drive their efforts and make it more impactful, one question gets missed in the process: what next after you are done with your video prospecting step?

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Here are a few factors to consider:

Use an Avatar based Video in a Future Follow-up Cadence

Both marketing and sales teams need to conduct regular follow-ups to tap into their prospect’s interest. This is partially what makes the prospecting cycle in B2B longer than other segments.

With tools like WhatsApp and even other trending video marketing platforms offering Avatars to heighten the experience, sales people and marketers should start considering the use of this effect to create additional videos for use in future follow up cadences.

The benefits here lie in: having the video seem more neutral and friendly, with a bit of a fun element thrown in. While on the one hand it is important for sales people and marketers to use human based videos or well shot product videos, as part of a follow up cadence, shorter, easy-to-consume video tactics can greatly help.

Animation, Works!

Self-shot prospecting videos where sales people have the ability to personalize and share their message with their own selves talking in it are proven to drive the outreach experience. But if you’ve already used a video or two of this kind in your sales cycle, and you’re still waiting to hear from your prospect, what else can you do?

Animated videos: an animation of you yourself rehashing the first video but in a friendlier, innovative manner can evoke a response.

The drawback here is that a salesperson might not have the bandwidth or capability to create another video of themselves using an animated template, but there are always work around here. A ready to use tool that allows custom animated templates to be used can be considered for instance.

Tools like Canva, Biteable can be useful to explore here.

A Shot of a Relevant Movie Scene, or Some Useful Memes!

B2B sales people today and over the recent years have often been using funny Gifs and shots from famous movies to land that level of interest with a prospect. There are so many ways to drive the video experience in B2B sales, without actually being in it. Recording a small clip from a movie that speaks to your message (example: Still Waiting to Hear From you) can for instance get your prospect to sit up and take notice.

There are so many ideas and angles that can fuel this part of the selling cycle. Instead of a movie clip, maybe a meme or two can also help.

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End Note: Stay Creative, be Creative

Sales doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, adding some creativity to the typical prospecting cycle can help a sales person build a better customer relationship and have that customer remember them for the long term. While going by the book is useful in certain cases, it pays to do things differently with the aim of adding value and trying to stand out.

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