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Top Marketing Automation and Sales Automation Providers of 2020 – a Round Up

“By increasing efficiencies through better qualifying leads and increasing effectiveness by ensuring sales efforts are more personalised and relevant, marketing automation enables sales teams to do what they do best – SELL.” – Kristen Hambelton, VP of Marketing Neolane Inc.

The marketing automation industry has boomed from just a $500M market to an expected $6.4 Bn by the end of 2024. A report by Salesforce state of Marketing says that 67% of the world’s marketers are already using at least one marketing automation platform and the rest of the 21% are planning to start using one soon. Well, some would say this is old news now.

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Sales and marketing automation platforms are beneficial for every kind of business. With increased use and adoption of automation to drive sales and marketing, we take you through the top providers that made headlines through 2020 in this short roundup:

  • Pardot

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation platform by Salesforce. Pardot offers a unified platform to organize and manage all kinds of marketing and sales activities. This platform has the ability to track prospects at each stage while moving them through the sales pipeline. There are plenty of organizations like Stanley Black & Decker that use Pardot for better sales processes.

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud

Also known as Adobe Experience Cloud, this platform offers an integrated CDP where users can enjoy access to the most relevant insights on consumer analytics, automated campaign management, audience management, along with effective content delivery and personalization. Their client base includes Lenovo, Sanofi, and Land Rover. Adobe Experience Cloud has helped Lenovo to create and run data-driven campaigns, personalized messages to customers and prospects with its audience identification.

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  • Eloqua

Oracle jumped into the marketing automation industry by introducing Eloqua to modern marketers. Eloqua’s work is channelized to run the complex IT, simplify it and direct the same through their cloud based software. With a high end pricing, it also ensures that enterprise businesses are making the most of its infrastructure to strengthen processes. Oracle’s Eloqua offers its users with rich features like smart reporting, custom website forms, customer acquisition, comprehensive dashboards and smart campaign tracking. Eloqua includes all the contemporary tools to address the current marketing needs for social media and email marketing.

DocuSign always lacked an effective structure earlier but with Eloqua by its side it is creating dozens of automated marketing campaigns thereby maintaining a greater focus on nurturing its leads.

  • HubSpot

There is no need to define why HubSpot bears 26% of the total market share in the marketing automation industry. It offers incredible tools and relevant features; this along with its flexible pricing is making HubSpot one of the best and most sought after providers in the market. The HubSpot Marketing Hub offers a suite of tools and data rolled into one platform. The range of features it offers are SEO tools, social media automation, ad tracking and management and a fully integrated blogging platform.

One of their valuable clients, Airstream, shares a history of generating 80% more leads with the help of HubSpot Marketing Hub.

  • ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a marketing tool that works for all types of marketers irrespective of the size of their businesses. The features of this sales automation platform are focused on marketing and customer experience including sales automation, email marketing and campaign automation. Their flexible pricing is so kept to attract small businesses and there are separate enterprise packages available. The robust features of the software includes custom audience creation, landing page creation, AI/Machine learning capabilities, SMS marketing and various other integrations.

Koia is a beverage company using ActiveCampaign to effectively run its email marketing campaigns. The campaign is still running and generating almost 10K new email every month.

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