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Sales Start-Ups From Around The World That Made Headlines In 2021

In today’s business climate, different kinds of software, tools, and companies offer services and tech capabilities to help customers navigate through the complex digital forum with the aim of enabling a range of tasks like their email marketing, web design, social media management, and more. The need for sophisticated technologies to help streamline different business functions and sales has given rise to several start-ups.

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Some of the leading sales start-ups that gained attention through 2021:

  • Gong

The revenue intelligence platform struck $200,000,000 in series D from investors like Index Ventures, Battery Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Wing Venture Capital, and others. Based in San Francisco, the company focuses on creating powerful insights for businesses, helping them up their game with better customer-oriented strategies for marketing, campaigns, projects, and financing. It helps unlock potential customers, increase conversion rates with their artificial intelligence aided systems and market intelligence consultants, adding science to their dealings. Gong took its place in LinkedIn’s top start-up companies list in 2021. 

  • Attentive

The company deals with automation and personalization of mobile messaging for brands and companies, to enhance their customer experiences and interactions. The company has secured its place in Forbes’ top start-ups of 2021. Their services include driving more revenue through leads, customer retention through messaging tools, customer engagement, performance tracking, insights of open rates, and click-through rates. They have partnered with several leading brands globally, increasing digitally procured revenue through messaging tactics. Based in New York, their total funding amounted to $863 million in 2021.

  • Mikmak 

The company is one of the leading global platforms Ecommerce companies, based in New York, with a funding of more than $14 million in series A. They provide high-tech enablement software for B2B and multichannel companies, enabling 71% more media efficiency and 48% higher conversion rates. Their services include analytics, predictive analytics, customer engagement and retention, market optimization, and overall marketing effectiveness.

  • Samsara

Based in San Francisco and currently serving more than 20,000 clients worldwide, Samsara is one of the leading companies in the global market. The company hit a $300 million run rate milestone, ranked 4 on LinkedIn’s top start-up companies list and 2 on the financial times’ fastest-growing companies list in 2021. Winning several awards, affiliated with several companies, their total funding is more than $900 million. 

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  • Drift 

The company was listed in Forbes’ top start-ups of 2021 and is focused on revenue acceleration services. They provide conversational marketing strategies, drive marketing pipeline, increase sales conversions and productivity, client engagement and retention, and help improve the end to end customer experience. With total funding exceeding $100 million, they are known for their chatbots and automated messaging tools. Drift has been titled as the #1 global revenue acceleration platform. 

  • Hawke media

The brand marketing and development company has helped more than 2100 brands grow with more than 274% ROI through Facebook and 403% ROI in AdWords. Their data-driven tactics and consultations propel brands, products, and services into the spotlight. Some of their services are marketing growth solutions, branding and marketing strategies, social and content development schemes, consultation, and web designing. 

  • Suzy

The market research platform deals with delivering furnished data and customer insights. It provides suggestive strategies on how to incorporate the acquired data into marketing schemes, aided by Artificial Intelligence’s help. Using customer interactions to jot down customer data and insights, with precise audience segmentation, customer profiling, and advanced analytics, Suzy has helped more than 300 brands in marketing and branding. Suzy made it to the top start-ups’ list of Forbes.

  • LeadGenius

The company secured its place in the AngelList of top promising start-ups of 2021. Its services include lead generation, B2B global data procuring, revenue pipeline, growth automation, data outsourcing, and robotic process automation. With more than $24 million in total funding, providing start-to-end sales solutions, data, and leads, LeadGenius offers a robust sales automation and enterprise software.

Digital marketing and digital sales is a highly competitive field that requires careful planning, data collection, and the application of strategies infused with data. New business opportunities have attracted people to begin new ventures, issuing newer, better, and bigger outcome services. With companies in dire need of guidance and consultation to battle with their competitors through better automation and large scale campaigns, the rise of new marketing and sales start-ups will only keep increasing. 

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