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How can Sales Teams Create Trust and Value with Better Data Privacy Practices?

Data privacy and protection is a crucial matter of concern today, and businesses have been frantically trying to keep up with rapidly changing privacy rules and regulations in today’s online world. Better privacy formats improves customer trust, drives customer loyalty and retention, improves operational efficiencies, helps optimize data, and allows you to position yourself as a consumer-focused leader.

All of this leads to an increase in your business sales. However, earning and maintaining client confidence requires more than just ensuring your company has safe data storage practices, there is a major shift needed in the privacy strategy that your business follows. 

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Data Privacy Practices for Sales 

Here are some of the practices that can be followed to increase data privacy and value to end users:

  • Use Of Encrypted Devices – It’s not always acceptable to expect your salesmen to operate only on your private network in the age of smartphones and current technologies. Also, remember that if your sales agent makes a mistake and utilizes an insecure Wi-Fi network, your firm is accountable for whatever data loss that might occur. Encrypt all devices to protect your company’s reputation and build up your customer’s trust. Encryption includes safeguarding your salespeople’s cell phones and tablets. Encryption software is available for both Windows and Android devices. Any extra precautions that your organization may take will save you time and money in the long run. If customers can trust your company, more will come. 
  • Organizing Information – When sensitive data is disseminated widely, it becomes simpler for them to obtain part, if not all, of it. You should know exactly where all of your company’s data is to keep it safe from hackers. Many tools exist that can help you keep all of your sensitive information organized and protected. As a result, you will be able to save all of your client information in one safe place. Data breaches are a result of carelessness with protected information making it very important to be cautious and maintain track of your company data. This means you will always be aware of where your data is.
  • Security Training – It’s all too easy for a sales team of your company to forget standard practices when it comes to cybersecurity, especially if it does not appear to be a high priority for the organization. The company’s sales team and other employees will benefit from security awareness training since it will remind them of the proper practices for keeping data safe, which is important to hold customers’ trust in the company. These training seminars should be held at least twice a year to reinforce them to your staff and ensure that new personnel are effectively taught. Maintaining your brand’s reputation is time well spent.
  • Password Practices – The sales team and other employees of the company need to know how to store passwords. It’s easy for a sales professional to get complacent about the strength of their password or the bother of memorizing a new one in the haste to move on to the next task. Instead, remind company representatives of the necessity of using a strong password or use tools that can help manage passwords to generate, store, and input strong passwords on their behalf. 

Tools For Data Privacy 

A data privacy management tool’s main goal is to assist businesses in ensuring regulatory and legal compliance. In today’s digital-first society, especially with expanding rules, this has become a greater hardship. In order to retain confidence between the business and end-users, these technologies also assist companies in storing visitors’ and users’ data responsibly. Some of the best tools for data privacy are –

  • OneTrust – OneTrust, a company based in Atlanta, offers the tools for data privacy, including website compliance scanning, cookie management, publisher and mobile app compliance, and other capabilities and a legal research compliance platform. They provide one of the most efficient data privacy tools.
  • OvalEdge – OvalEdge is a data catalog solution for companies that consolidates all of a company’s data into a single repository or catalog. 
  • TrustArc – TrustArc, based in San Francisco, offers a data privacy management platform called TrustArc, which includes risk assessments, breach management, and target reporting, among other things. They have a great reputation with their privacy tools. 

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Importance of Building Trust with Privacy in Sales Cadences

Customers find you reputable and want to do business with you when they trust your company. Customers will be more vocal, loyal, and engaged due to this. This sets the tone for your company, and as consumers advocate for you, you’ll be able to attract additional customers who are willing to invest in your product.

Setting up proper privacy protection for your customers will help you gain their trust; they would know that their information and private details are safe with the company. This will encourage more business and sales for the company.  

Do not put off evaluating your data security procedures until a serious data breach or disaster occurs. By employing security precautions, you can keep your customers’ confidence and avoid the painful ill-effects of hacking. Trust building is critical for the growth of any business in the market today.