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Do you Use Your Email Signature To Drive Prospect Meetings and Sales ROI?

Every customer facing B2B executive has to sport an email signature to support their daily email communications. But not too many executives utilize that part of their email to drive marketing or sales ROI!

So much effort goes into drafting a cold sales email or prospecting cadence, teams A/B test subject line options, find ways to conform to strong and persuasive call-to-actions and so much more.

Having a well-thought out email signature can actually help drive both marketing and sales efforts.

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Must-have Elements of an Email Signature

  • An email signature should portray who you are and what you do (designation)
  • If you are on a customer-facing team, it should definitely sport easy-to-find contact numbers and your office location/address
  • It does make sense to include the company website and company’s social media links, avoid including your own personal LinkedIn/Twitter when doing this!

A Few Reasons why Email Signatures can actually work Towards Driving more Meetings, Clicks and Sales

Email marketers, marketing teams in general thrive on their data today, the goal for any marketer or sales person running a prospecting campaign is to generate more click-through rates and ROI from any outreach.

In a world where brands are constantly crowding recipients’ inboxes with promotions, marketing emails, offers, campaigns, etc, it is commonplace for end users and your target audience to start ignoring content that comes to them via email or social media.

But here’s where seasoned sales and marketing leaders can tap into this behavior and use the end of their email (email signature!) to drive impact.

Knowing that your prospects and audience might only skim through marketing and sales campaigns delivered to their inbox also means that links to landing pages and promotional content within the email body might get missed. Using the end of the email message (email signature) to include the relevant link or any other relevant call-to-action can actually therefore work to the benefit of the marketer or sales person in diverting attention back to the brand or campaign.

Adding a fair bit of creativity here like: a video screenshot about your product/service or recent customer testimonial, basically something clickable that also speaks to what an immediate competitor of your target audience is doing to improve their outcomes, even a link or call to action that takes readers to an interactive page where they can immediately have a chat with a sales or marketing executive; the list of features that can be integrated into an email signature today are long and endless.

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A Few Tips:

Update the Email Signature to Focus on Different Products and Services at a Time

If you have well-structured product information pages on your website for each service or product offered by your brand, an interesting call to action with an updated link can be recycled every few weeks to call attention to particular products, based on the type of audience segment you are running an outreach for.

While doing this, updating the tagline about the product or enhancing how you present the link with readable lines on the themes of ‘’Wait, there’s more: we just updated a couple of features on our XYZ platform, catch more here’’ and similar such others can help drive more response.

Using this part of your email can be useful if the creative input and signature is structured to be short, succinct and to-the-point, while enhancing how people and readers can experience the readability of this section.

Drive Interactions for Discounts and Offers

Several B2B tech brands offer steady discounts and offers especially to grab more market share among smaller and mid-sized companies. Using the email signature section to drive information about these offers when prospecting can lead to more conversions or even a meeting.

Creative taglines such as ‘’Did you miss our latest offer, it’s never too late!,’’ or lines that grab attention and interest like, “Get in touch to know how our latest feature or discount can help you,’’ can evoke that kind of click or interest that a standard email signature may not.

Any customer facing team or client servicing executive is known to send upwards of 100’s of emails daily, using the email signature section to optimize ROI is crucial to measuring and boosting how well teams and their outreach or prospecting initiatives perform.

A Snippet about your Product and you as a Short Video

It is definitely important for marketers and salespeople to ensure their email content, attachments if any and other outreach material is not heavy in terms of file or content size, this can affect deliverability of the email.

This is important when sales people want to consider the option of using a short, under-a-minute video to quickly showcase key elements about the company and product through the email signature. Before implementing this, a thorough discussion with the core email administrator might be helpful in ensuring nothing falls out of place when executing something like this.

Clubbing Offers with Actual Call-to-Demos

Assuming your prospects are mostly just going to skim through your email (without that much attention to detail as you hoped for), the email signature is the last thing they’ll see before closing your message or moving to their next task.

Before identifying how you want to structure your email signature with the aim of driving bookings and meetings, it helps to figure out what call to action you want to place and why. Getting prospects interested in that first discovery call or simply getting 15 minutes on the calendar has to be done with tact.

Utilize this space to boost demo bookings that can potentially lead to a next meeting. Club an offer with a demo to at least get your prospects to agree to watching a demo about your product or service for better traction.

That’s not all…

The email signature for any customer facing team is the most under-utilized part of their outreach and email prospecting cadence. A lot can be done here to further impact from every outreach and message while also ensuring overall ROI is improved.

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