Cyber-criminal activity is the fastest growing threat for organizations and consumers. Email remains the most important channel for high-value communication. Unfortunately, it is possible to compromise emails in numerous ways, resulting in serious consequences including invasion of privacy, intellectual-property theft, financial liability, and this list goes on.

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An organization has to protect its information, employees, and its clients. Launched today, EPRIVO for Organizations enables organizations to easily upgrade their communications and ensure their emails remain private and secure without requiring changing their email providers or adding new dedicated private email addresses. EPRIVO (Electronic Privacy Circle) is a privacy-focused brand and division of BlueRiSC Inc., a leading US cyber-security company with customers in 19 countries.

EPRIVO provides the following industry-first benefits and much more:

  • The first privacy/security solution that works on top of an organization’s existing email accounts. Easily privatize any number of accounts including business and personal email domains.
  • The only solution with email client software on all major mobile and desktop platforms, iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows. It also integrates with all existing email client software.
  • The first solution that enables a “your data remains always yours” paradigm. A sender can remove or expire emails even after they are sent, anytime, including in recipients’ devices. Pioneering privacy controls can be added on each email controlling the level of privacy desired.
  • It is the only security and privacy solution with a clear separation of the security/privacy management roles from those of a traditional email provider. EPRIVO does not store emails. There will never be a conflict of interest.

“One aspect that is lost today in privacy solutions is that the attack model assumed is only in the cloud and for transfer of data. EPRIVO is a game changer as it extends privacy even to include recipients. A sender remains in control and can expire sent data anytime and revoke information, such that it vanishes not only from the cloud but also recipients’ devices,” Professor C. Andras Moritz, Founder of EPRIVO and BlueRISC.

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