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Glartek starts a new project to address new industrial use cases with Factory Digital Twins latest technology

Glartek, a leader in innovative Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for field services, the asset-intensive and manufacturing industries, unveiled a major project developed with 2 leaders (Capgemini, and Roche) that will address major Industrial use cases.

The project called VIMS (Virtual IoT Manufacturing System) presents as the main goal the development and industrialization of a cutting-edge, innovative, and integrated digital ecosystem. This new technology will address major industrial and manufacturing use cases.

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Overall, the goal of the VIMS project will be to bring a new reality to digital manufacturing and digital industries, to make them benefit from (1) real-time systems monitoring; (2) virtual training; (3) an assisted front-line worker.
The technology involved in the project combines IIoT, AI, and Digital Twins. In detail, the technologies will contribute to the project as follows:

  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things): collect data
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): Smart instructions to optimize data collection
  • Digital twin with AR (Augmented Reality): Create a Factory Digital Twin to enable the visualization of the processes executed on the assembly line.

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The ultimate goal is to create a Factory Digital Twin that showcases the processes and operations that happen across the shop floor. And, provide operators, engineers, and managers with full control of the physical production line or factory.

The process will be applied to different use cases to ensure the true value that this kind of technology can bring to the industry. The tests will take place with our partners such as ROCHE (pharmaceutical industry), in different regions across the world: Spain, Germany, and Switzerland.

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