RBRO Solutions Inc. (RBRO), a leading global work product management provider, announced that it has collaborated with Syngrafii to develop a seamless cloud-based integration of Syngrafii’s iinked Sign™, Video Signing Room™ (VSR™) and iinked Seal™ (e-notarization) product suite into the iManage platform.

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The incorporation of Syngrafii’s eSignature capabilities with RBRO Solutions and iManage will enhance the document automation process and create quicker turnover of tasks requiring signatures.

RBRO is a full-stack Certified Global iManage Partner which encompasses RBRO as an iManage Reseller, Integration Partner, Technology Partner and Training Partner. RBRO has implemented hundreds of customer deployments for law firms and legal departments worldwide.

Syngrafii is a global eSignature company that provides the ability to execute original, one time use biometric ink signatures onto hard copy or electronic documents. Its product suite of Video Signing Room™ (VSR), iinked Sign™, iinked Seal™ and LongPen® technologies ensure full compliance and non-repudiation by providing single-use signatures thus preserving biometric security, identity certainty and specific intent of traditional signatures.

With Syngrafii’s electronic signing and VSR™ remote video meeting capabilities embedded as an iManage Universal App within the iManage experience, users can easily create, view, and monitor the status of documents in signing packages all in one place enabling continuous workflows without the need for context switching. Users will also be able to automatically save the audit master files of signing records and signed documents into iManage Workspaces, providing confidence that all matter content is stored in iManage, minimizing the risk of overlooked or missing content.

“We are very pleased to partner with Syngrafii on this technology integration,” said Howard Russell, CEO, RBRO Solutions. “Access to Syngrafii eSignature capabilities within the iManage platform will allow everyone to maximize efficiencies in their practices and enable better oversight of all document-signing tasks.”

“Syngrafii is pleased to be working closely with RBRO to augment the user experience while providing the iinked Platform’s Compliance value to iManage users globally,” said Matthew Gibson, CEO and Co-Founder of Syngrafii.

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