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Fivetran Integrates With dbt for Automatic Data Transformations

Fivetran, the leading automated data integration provider, announced an integration with dbt, the popular open-source analytics engineering tool maintained by Fishtown Analytics. This integration, called Fivetran dbt Transformations, enables Fivetran customers to orchestrate the cleaning, testing, transformation, modeling and documentation of data sets to make data immediately ready for analysis. Because Fivetran already automates the ingestion of data into cloud data warehouses and is now also able to orchestrate the handoff of data to dbt for transformations, customers save time and money that would have been spent writing complex Python scripts and managing orchestration tools for their data integration and analytics engineering processes.

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“The importance of data analytics continues to be paramount for growing companies, and the exponential growth in data at our fingertips only means there is more to harness, store, and analyze to make revenue-impacting business decisions,” said Martin Casado, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, an investor in both companies. “Fivetran and dbt share a mission to simplify the complexities of data integration and transformation, and speed up time to data-driven decisions. This integration sets the foundation for a modern data stack in global enterprises that is poised to become the de facto standard ELT process across the industry.”

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Whereas traditional data integration tools focus on transforming data before loading it into a data warehouse with a graphical interface (i.e., ETL, or extract-transform-load), Fivetran’s automated data connectors flip the last two processes through the company’s unique ELT (extract-load-transform) approach. Integrating with dbt allows Fivetran to support more sophisticated data operations, with both tools leveraging the full compute power of modern cloud data warehouses.

“By integrating dbt with Fivetran, we are giving customers the ability to manage all their data pipelines within the Fivetran toolset,” said George Fraser, CEO and co-founder of Fivetran. “dbt, with its powerful data modeling capabilities, is an ideal complement to our best-in-class extract and load processes. The integration of both products gives customers an end-to-end solution that makes the entire ELT process as simple and reliable as electricity.”

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