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Genetec Extends Qorus Platform to Global Sales Team For Instant Access to Winning Content

Genetec Inc. – a video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition solutions provider and a Qorus client – has increased the number of Qorus licenses to include its Sales professionals. This, after seeing an improvement in the speed at which content could be found and responses to bids could be put together using Qorus.

Qorus, the sales enablement platform that connects people, content and data, has been helping Genetec get to market fast since 2017. As a result of the positive results that the company has seen, they decided to increase the number of Qorus licenses to over 120 to include its Sales professionals.

Genetec’s Sales team is spread out across the globe and needed a solution that gave people 24/7 access to content, not having to wait for the bid team to be “open” to get access to it. They needed to know that they could trust the content to be current and accurate whenever it’s needed.

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Since introducing Qorus, Genetec has noticed an improvement in the speed at which content can be found and responses to bids could be put together. The turnaround time has been reduced, allowing the team to get to market fast.

With the use of metadata on all Genetec bid content, search accuracy has improved greatly. Bid team and Sales professionals can now filter content and spend less time going through a long list of results. They find what they need the first time. Content can now be imported straight into Word and Excel response documents.

The Sales team is able to instantly attach content to an email and generate a PDF on the fly if needed. This enables them to respond faster to inquiries and spend less time overall on these tasks. Further, using the Qorus Share & Track feature, Sales professionals can now share content more easily with partners and customers and follow up with them for further discussion.

“Since implementing Qorus for our content, the bid team has seen significant gains in productivity when responding to bids. With Qorus, the sales team itself has been able to directly leverage the same quality content to work with our partners on proposals as well. This has resulted in us being able to present a ‘Genetec proposal’ to the marketplace,” says Karen Bleakley, Bid Content Manager, Genetec Inc.

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Genetec produces a large amount of content as part of its commercial process, including training documents, marketing collateral, pitches, reports, proposals, and RFP responses, and this content is critical to its effective commercial operation.

Because Genetec, a technology company, works in an environment of constant change, reusing content that is even just a few months old could result in out-of-date bid responses.
Qorus worked with the team to centralize content in Microsoft SharePoint Online, creating a unified Microsoft platform to facilitate well-managed content.

Before introducing Qorus, the Bid Management department had to search through content extensively. The process of completing documents and answering RFPs was laborious and time-consuming. The content required to respond to RFPs was also difficult to assemble because different groups had their own databases of information.

Salespeople were writing their own content and each person compiled it differently. For these reasons, proposal messaging wasn’t consistent – with Qorus, however, this is no longer the case.

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