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Kentico Positioned as Challenger in Ovum’s WEM Decision Matrix 2018-2019

European-based study of web experience management looked at company’s premise- and cloud-based offerings

Kentico Software, a growing CMS vendor with offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America, today announced that it has improved its standing in the latest Ovum Web Experience Management (WEM) Decision Matrix to “Challenger”. The UK-based analyst firm based its rating on reviewing Kentico’s two major product lines — Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud.

Company continues to aggressively develop Kentico EMS…
“Kentico has done well in analyst reports in the United States, and we’re delighted to see that we’re now gaining visibility among the analyst community on the European continent,” said Bart Omlo, vice president of Kentico’s EMEA and LATAM sales regions.

“This Ovum report is a reflection of a lot of hard work being done at Kentico. We’re continuing to aggressively develop our Microsoft.Net based Enterprise Marketing Solution or EMS. Version 12 is scheduled for release at the end of the calendar year, and we expect the influx of new customers to continue, particularly among midsize businesses who are looking for an agile, easy-to-use, and competitively priced solution.”

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…But has its eye on the cloud for the future
Omlo continued, “At the same time, we continue to build out our next-generation product. Kentico Cloud takes an entirely different approach to CMS by giving companies the tools to store content in cloud-based content hubs and format and deliver that information to an omnichannel world, from laptops, tablets, and smartphones to digital billboards, smart appliances, and video screens in cars, airplanes, hotel lobbies, elevators, gasoline pumps, and grocery stores. This cloud-based approach to CMS that we are pioneering gives companies the ability to control their messaging and get closer to customers than ever before.”

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