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Can Real Time Sales Drive Revenue?

The main purpose of most sales prospecting efforts is to convert potential leads into long-term loyal customers. For this to happen more effectively, real time sales processes can be of assistance and should be aligned to a brand’s marketing activities to help increase website conversion optimization and overall CRO across other channels.

For B2B sales teams who are looking to scale and push their goals despite trying market conditions, relying other tactics to boost real time selling can actually help make or break revenue potential.

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Understanding Real Time Sales

Real time sales is a process or strategy that is built using consolidated team efforts between marketing-sales-customer support and other customer facing teams and martech/salestech/revtech tools to deliver immediate responses to potential customers and existing customers.

Sellers who adopt a real-time selling attitude or base can interact with prospects based on their current online activities and interests, using those signals to drive future sales prospecting triggers and conversations.

A real-time selling approach helps take advantage of current events and present day customer and prospect attitudes and interests and therefore helps build a more customer centric strategy.

A Few Key Benefits Of Real-Time Selling

Shortens the sales cycle

A typical B2B sales cycle is considered to be long and can span at least 06 weeks to sometimes two to two and half months.

Real time sales drive shorter sales cycles because it allows prospects to make quicker decisions due to the fact that sales reps engage with them using the most relevant context earlier on in the prospecting cycle.

Boosts conversion rates

Real time selling allows sales people to push a sense of urgency into the typical sales cadence, make promotional offers or coupons and discounts more contextual and personalized, this can help incentivize responses and get prospects to engage with the brand and sales rep. In turn this leads to a better chance of conversions.

Leads to faster response times

According to several research reports, a majority of customers expect instant replies and are expected to buy from brands that respond to them within minutes. This process is a part of the real time sales cycle and becomes crucial to establishing quicker response times.

This is what has been driving the need for live chat functionalities and chatbots across digital journeys in modern day sales and marketing cycles. Automated live agent support and bots can allow brands to provide 24X7 interaction with their prospects and existing customers and leads to retention, satisfied customers all while boosting the online journey for the prospect as well.

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A Few Things To Keep in Mind when Implementing Real Time Sales

When integrating automated chat support tools and chat bots, create frameworks that allow chats to directly be assigned to sales reps based on what the prospect or customer is seeking and based on the stage of the conversation

Set up the right triggers to drive personalized responses instantly

Place live agent support and live chat functionalities in a strategic manner

Automate agent and sales rep meeting booking stages with the help of these automation tools and bots to increase the number of bookings and reduce the back and forth involved in setting up sales calls


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