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SellersCommerce Puts Pedal to the Metal; Plans to Double-down on Business Growth

SellersCommerce, the Illinois-based leading enterprise SaaS eCommerce company, has been on a roll since it revealed its vision of building a 360-degree B2B eCommerce platform earlier this year, veering away from its identity as an eCommerce provider exclusively to the uniform and apparel industry.

This conscious shift in the company’s product roadmap to keep up with the fast-evolving trends in the eCommerce space further led to the development of new products like LineSheets Pro and Catalog Manager in quick succession, aimed at simplifying sales and product information management for online retailers, distributors and manufacturers.

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“SellersCommerce is set to scale up with global expansion, new technologies, & a vision to transform the B2B eCommerce.”

And now, anticipating triple-digits growth in business stepping into the third quarter of 2022, the message from the company is loud and clear. And it’s that SellersCommerce is here to redefine the way B2B eCommerce is done, and they are just getting started.

With its eyes firmly set on raising capital for exponential growth, the business has undergone major changes in order to meet its aggressive goals. From making several Senior Leadership hires from established SaaS organizations. SellersCommerce will also be doubling the team size globally to bring fresh, dynamic talent on board with the vision of transforming the face of enterprise B2B eCommerce using innovative digital solutions.

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“World trade is just kickstarting after two years of COVID-induced lull. B2B buyers have made themselves comfortable with digital channels. We are on the cusp of a major shift in the way commerce is perceived. If there ever was a time more suitable to ramp up digital innovations in B2B eCommerce, it’s now.”

– Ashok Reddy, CEO, SellersCommerce

As much as SellersCommerce wants to revolutionize B2B eCommerce by harnessing technology, it wants to do so with the best interests of its employees at heart. Therefore, to accommodate the growing needs of the team, the India team recently moved into an expansive new office space in the IT corridor of Hyderabad, equipped with all the modern amenities, wellness zones, and gaming arenas that make for a truly conducive working environment designed to bring out the best in everyone.

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