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MetaCX Announces Ambitious Plans To Digitally Transform B2B Supplier/Buyer Relationships

MetaCX, the pioneer in a new outcomes-based approach for achieving shared success in B2B ecosystems, today announced MetaCX Integration Hub, the first iteration of a multiphase integration plan to enable a full B2B digital transformation in large enterprises and SaaS companies. This three-part initiative aims to unify disparate digital touchpoints as one B2B customer experience and to link data exchange and value creation between suppliers and their customers as the first B2B business network.

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“For all the digital transformation achieved in B2C, we’ve seen scarcely little happening in B2B.”

“For all the digital transformation achieved in B2C, we’ve seen scarcely little happening in B2B,” said Scott McCorkle, co-founder and CEO of MetaCX. “This project represents the fulfillment of our founding vision to digitally transform B2B supplier and buyer relationships by aligning companies around the outcomes they expect to achieve together with live performance data in a shared digital space that keeps everyone informed and on track.”

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This vision will be fulfilled in three phases — ”Integrate,” “Consolidate” and “Converge”— with the first iteration available today:

Integrate: MetaCX Integration Hub (available now)

The MetaCX Integration Hub will provide access to over 200 SaaS tools and data sources to enrich the collaborative experience with customers across the lifecycle, with over 30 integrations available now. This includes CRM platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics; customer success management platforms like Gainsight; product analytics tools like Pendo and Mixpanel; CDPs like Segment; and data warehouses like Snowflake and Google BigQuery. Integrating with these data sources makes it simple and easy for suppliers and their customers to create and monitor performance metrics aligned to outcome achievement in a shared success plan.

Consolidate: Composable Experiences

Many B2B companies deliver cumbersome customer experiences due to siloed and disconnected teams, tools and touchpoints that stand in the way of a unified experience. Phase 2 of this initiative will provide a way to compose functionality from a variety of tools as one connected experience for customers. For example, support tickets, contracts and agreements, project details, and status will be unified in one digital space centered around the target outcomes of the relationship. This shared success plan becomes a simple and coherent customer experience that consolidates all digital interactions as one.

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