Top Sales Technologies that help Streamline your Sales Operations

Sales is a vital process for any organization. The bloodline that keeps businesses going. Technology is constantly evolving and various new-age technologies are playing different roles in improving a multitude of business processes. When it comes to sales, from prospecting to closing, today’s social, mobile, big data,  cloud technologies etc. are contributing in big ways to transform how these functions are managed. As per a survey by Salesforce, a customer takes a decision to purchase within an hour and the first interaction with the client becomes a cornerstone to success.

Most organizations have already adopted various technologies that help them streamline their sales processes.

Here is a list of some sales tools that can especially help you to improve your sales operations:

 1.       Salesforce

If you are looking for a sales tool that lets you track, manage and analyze the entire customer journey and customer activity across various buying stages, Salesforce is the right tool. Essentially, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Salesforce will ensure that your overall sales processes are streamlined well.

As per Gartner, the companies that automate lead management witness an increase in their revenue by 10% within 3-6 months.

 2.       Clearbit

On demand chat experience is imperative if you want your sales funnel to run at a faster rate. Clearbit helps you enrich your visitors with an interactive chat experience and the result would give you the customer’s name and email address, that you can use to personalize further communications. There is a Clearbit reveal app as well that will fetch you information at the firmographic level.

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 3.       SalesLoft

With personalization at its core, Salesloft allows companies to streamline and automate their sales outreach. The prospects that you cannot reach out to with live chat can easily be put in to an email cadence with a proactive follow up at a later stage. This tool along with other live chat tools will ensure that you do not miss out on any of your warm prospects.

 4.       Boomerang

When you want to schedule emails for your customers, Boomerang comes handy. Their follow up and personalized email features are easy to use and help you focus on improving your click-through rate as well. Remembering to follow up (on time!) can be a task,  therefore, Boomerang is the solution for those busy sales professionals.

 5.       Calendly

There are customers who detest too much back and forth. For such prospects, Calendly helps you schedule meetings directly. Calendly comes with an easy setup and after knowing your availability for the day, it will automatically streamline the appointments for the rest of the day benefiting both the sales professional and prospect/customer.

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6.       Tableau

We know that big data and analytics play a vital role in sales processes today. Most professionals may not understand the raw data that they have access to and this needs to be processed and presented well for them, so that the insights can be useful for the next stage in the buying or selling journey. Tableau is a powerful tool that addresses this challenge. It can be connected to any other CRM software to visualize the treasure trove of customer data.

 7.       Gong

When you want to capture and store prospect calls, emails and video meetings, Gong comes handy. Sales reps need data to understand how the conversation went and after reading the data, they can find out how and what to do better to convert leads. Gong uses conversational intelligence to understand what is being said during a call.

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8.       DocuSign

Most deals are clinched online today, this means that your customers need an easier way to sign, scan and print the document and send it back to you. DocuSign’s app lets both parties create e-signatures and finalize the formalities in the contract lifecycle in minutes.

Bonus: Custom Bots from Intercom

You can even choose to supercharge your sales pipeline with the help of Custom Bots. The bots can initiate a conversation with a high value website visitor by boosting lead qualification and routing. What is more interesting here is that users can create custom paths with the help of visitor’s data so that every lead is directed to the right outcome.

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Buyers want a better experience today. It has been observed that 82% of the customers are more likely to convert after they have a healthy live conversation with a sales person during the sales process. Besides live chat, there are plenty other automated functions and tools that can help a sales person sell better.

It is time to embrace the latest sales technologies and take your business to the summit of success! Are you ready?

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