Intent Driven Sales Prospecting is Crucial in B2B Sales

A business always needs a continuous flow of customers and a healthy sales pipeline, the question is – how do you bring the most relevant prospects to engage with your business?

This can be a million dollar question and to answer this, seasoned marketers and sales leaders keep researching, finding, debating and coming up with new solutions and strategies. The only aim behind such a hustle is to bring more customers to the business. Every marketer understands how hard sales prospecting can be. Targeting a modern and well-informed customer is no walk in the park.

Marketers and sales teams need to hit the right prospect and talk to them using the right messaging to close the deal. This is where intent driven sales prospecting comes into the picture.

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How do intent driven prospecting tools help?

Intent drive sales prospecting tools are third party tools that help in knowing:

  • What is being searched?
  • Who is doing the search?
  • Where does the individual belong?
  • When the search goes beyond the normal noise – what indicates the intent to actually purchase.

With such data at hand, salespersons can customize the message to be sent to the target audience, communicate to the right people at the right time to close the deal.

As per Network Research, “intentional and attitudinal targeting is considered more accurate than traditional demographic strategies”. Such intent-based targeting is achieved with the help of real-time intent marketing strategies.

Customers’ intent data helps in increasing the ability to qualify opportunities, eventually accelerating the sales and marketing process. The more efficient such processes are, the more leads get converted, at a higher rate.

Leveraging big data, intent-based marketing and sales helps B2B and B2C marketers find audiences that are interested in a particular brand. In a nutshell, intent-based marketing helps with:

  • Identifying an ideal customer.
  • Optimizing and enhancing customer engagement.
  • Boosting content marketing efforts.
  • Real-time analytics on consumer behavior.
  • Overall improvement in marketing and sales strategies by increasing conversions.

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Modern marketers and salespeople can understand the intent of their prospects and future buyers with the help of the following tools:

1. ZoomInfo

Every marketer knows ZoomInfo is a treasury of customer data. Fueled with best-in-class marketing technologies, the platform offers 360 degree customer view, information about prospects and potential opportunities. ZoomInfo has everything to fulfill a modern marketer’s dreams –

  • More leads
  • More conversions
  • More efficiency in operations
  • More control over policies and procedures and
  • More profit for everyone.

ZoomInfo offers robust solutions for lead scoring, sales prospecting, territory planning and more with the aim to increase sales productivity.

2. 6Sense ABM

A platform for B2B businesses, 6Sense offers all required insights of a consumer to close a deal with precise intent details. Leveraging AI, machine learning and big data, 6Sense helps its clients to achieve predictable revenue growth.

The platform helps to uncover consumer behavior, prioritize accounts for marketing and sales, ignite multi-touch and multi-channel campaigns to move resistant buying teams. 6Sense helps marketers to know everything about the buyers to foster conversions and more opportunities.

3. Priority Engine

Priority Engine is a SaaS platform developed by Tech Target and it delivers real-time and direct access to the most active consumer accounts. These accounts are ranked on the basis on their purchase intent and engagement with the brand’s products and services.

Priority Engine essentially helps B2B organizations to increase their sale productivity, improve ABM performance and maximize returns.

4. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is so far one of the simplest lead generation software, which offers you insights about all the users who visited the website, the way they got there and what is their level of intent to complete a purchase.

If accurate lead generation is what you are looking for, Leadfeeder is the best tool to be added to your marketing ecosystem.

5. Terminus ABM Platform

Terminus is an account-based marketing platform helping marketers to target precise accounts based on their consumer behavior. The platform acts as an end-to-end command center to target right accounts leveraging dynamic data, engaging them with comprehensive multi-channel campaigns, separating sales signals from noise, and reporting on the sales outcomes that matter.

Get 360 degree view of your prospects, watch their behavior closely, build target audience lists and prioritize your ABM efforts in a unified way with Terminus’s platform!

When you are aware of the intent of your consumer, the guesswork is cut out of the scene and you are sure of what you are doing. With the right information, you can develop strategic marketing and sales plans using intent-based tools for a better consumer experience.

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