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Accurate inventory data is big for retailers. It supports everything from better forecasting and planning to higher sales and happier customers. But it’s very common for retailers to have discrepancies between what their inventory system says is in stock and what’s actually in the store. When a SKU is listed as in-stock but isn’t physically on the shelf, that’s called “phantom inventory.” Of course, you can’t sell what isn’t accessible to customers. So, this leads to unnecessary stock-outs, decreased sales, and unhappy customers—which all hurt the bottom line.

Tav Tepfer, CRO at Invent Analytics

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Over the years, I have learned that the most crucial element to building a healthy team and an organization is clear communication. Leaders and managers must foster open and transparent communication channels between the marketing, sales and the customer-facing teams along with sharing regular updates, insights and goals.-Paresh Vankar, CMO at LTIMindtree


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