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What salestech practices can help salespeople reduce the time spent on manual tasks? And how will better sales intelligence play a role in driving the sales experience for reps? Catch more from this week’s salestech highlights:


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Today’s sales reps spend far too much time trying to find data, crunching numbers and drafting emails, which takes away the time they can spend bringing the personalized approach they need to enhance relationship building with prospects and close more deals.

Rob Seaman, SVP, Enterprise Product at Slack

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As organizations grow and develop, they naturally collect a wide array of information that’s found across disparate systems, documents, and with different employees. Information lives virtually anywhere, and it’s time-consuming to look for the right answers. Creating a space where employees begin to document these answers in a more consumable and accessible way is a great process to establish especially for the post-sales team, as they are more removed from the initial customer engagement – Chris Buttenham, Group Product Manager at Seismic

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