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Should sales and marketing teams have fewer software and tools to drive operations and internal processes? And if so, what kind of technologies make for comprehensive and ROI-driven tech stacks? Find out more from this week’s highlights:


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Sales starts with inspiration – the collective knowledge from execs sharing their vision and how the sales leaders approach that vision to do business. From there, the opportunity to meet with different individuals makes every day interesting. One day you meet with heads of organizations at high-tech manufacturers. The next day you might be meeting with financial services companies. The cool thing is that you are talking to CFOs, heads of manufacturing and CIOs, which gives you a comprehensive view of our business and strategy.

Eric Gorney, EVP Sales at Siteimprove 

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In today’s sales world, B2B companies must focus on the prospects buying their solution, not their product. Value-based selling has always been there, but it has become expected by buyers. Today’s buyers do their homework before speaking to a sales representative and continue to fact check throughout the purchase making peer validation like case studies and customer reviews critical for growth. Astrid Boer Masle, Vice President of Sales at RFPIO 

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