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From helping you recession proof your sales strategy to tips on driving better sales ROI with the right salestech; this week’s salestech highlights has a lot to offer:


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While going through a market downturn it’s extremely important to focus on metrics like cost of acquisition, average contract value, retention rate and sales cycle length. Partnerships can have a major positive impact on all four. By building links to the tech and services ecosystem around your company, you’re reassuring a sustainable revenue source and you’re also making sure your value proposition is being organically amplified, globally.

Alexis Petrichos, Head of Technology Partnerships at Chili Piper

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Salespeople often lack time or resources to advance their skill set. They have a quota to meet and they have a pipeline to fill. Under the pressure to make the number, sharpening your skills can often be left on the to-do list.

Rachel Clapp Miller, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Engagement at Force Management

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