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Sales Technology Highlights of The Week: 24th May-2021: Featuring Zilliant, Dialpad, Drift and more!

Online consumer trends are similar to offline buying and selling patterns in many ways. In this weekly salestech highlight, we share a few latest insights and sales technologies in the news.


SalesTech Quote-of-the-Week!

I am increasingly finding myself moving towards a view that today’s sales and marketing and business leaders have become susceptible to viewing business process automation and business intelligence solutions as a replacement for the basic requirements underpinning performance and goal attainment in these disciplines. Content created by a machine is no substitute for a thoughtful, personal interaction. – Matt Gilbert, CEO at Partnerize

 Top SalesTech News of The Week: 17th May to 21st 2021!

SalesTech QnA with the Expert

Gamification has been around for decades, in one form or another. Sales teams have found value in creating incentives and encouraging competition amongst their team to create higher engagement and motivation levels. Sales managers and leaders need to get the right signals and insights about what is happening in the right place, at the right time so they can celebrate or course-correct their teams.  –Brian Trautschold, COO and Co-founder of Ambition

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