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Zest: Helping Companies Build Better Products with Instant Feedback

If you’re a product manager, getting feedback from current and potential customers will make or break your product. After all, getting actionable feedback can save you time and money.

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Enter Zest: a tool to receive more contextual feedback from your customers—so you can build better products. “The concept is simple,” says Zest co-founder Maxime Manseau. “Your customers can click on a button and record their screen and voice to leave feedback. We’ve been using it for one year now [with our other company Stories] and multiplied our feedback received by 12.”

Maxime, or Max for short, started Zest with fellow co-founder Jean-Baptiste Armanet as a “fun” side project that functioned as an internal tool for Stories customers to leave feedback. Users would record their screen and voice to alert the team about any issues they were having.

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This tool became so successful that four clients asked Max and Jean-Baptiste to offer it as a stand-alone product. So, the duo began work on what is now Zest in their free time. After launching about a month ago, Zest is a raving success. Today, 500 companies use the tool to automate their feedback generation process.

Zest’s co-founders are on a mission to get the attention of their target customer: product managers. We are focused on “product managers working on a browser-based product,” says Max. An example would be business-to-business software-as-a-service, or SaaS, companies. Their goal is to help 80,000 product managers and companies gain easy feedback from their customers.

Max explains that many entrepreneurs don’t understand product market fit. It’s something they struggled with in their previous companies. He says many people don’t “take time to really figure out if [they] are solving a painful problem.” Well, if the response Max and Jean-Baptiste have received is any indication, the Zest team’s approach to feedback appears to be a great fit for product managers.

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