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ON24 Launches ON24 Target, Enabling Marketers to Create and Deliver Personalized Experiences

Powered by the ON24 Platform, marketers gain new capabilities to build and deploy personalized campaign pages that accelerate buying decisions

According to Forrester, 95% of marketers agree that account-based marketing is the most effective strategy for demand generation, but it’s the marketers who focus on account-based engagement that succeed.

That’s why ON24, the leader in digital experiences, launched ON24 Target, a personalized content solution designed to engage and convert prospects. ON24 Target joins ON24 Webcast Elite and ON24 Engagement Hub as the latest addition to the ON24 Platform, forming a holistic solution for marketers to create live, always-on and personalized digital experiences that deliver unparalleled prospect insights.

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ON24 Target is the only product of its kind that enables marketers to personalize content, distribute it to named accounts and measure its performance across personas, all from a single system. By combining interactive features, including customizable contact forms and direct audience feedback, with a selection of relevant assets, audiences are focused on the CTAs and messages that have the greatest impact on their buying decision. Powered by the ON24 Platform, marketers can easily access all of their best assets, from webinars to videos to whitepapers, match the highest-performing pieces to specific personas and drag-and-drop that content into a personalized content experience.

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“The days of generic marketing to the masses are over — it’s time for businesses to market to one. But, that’s easier said than done,” says Sharat Sharan, CEO, ON24. “We’ve designed ON24 Target to help marketers accelerate this shift toward personalized engagement, giving a single, simple solution for creating content and getting insights at the individual level. That data-driven mindset not only makes ABM programs successful, it gives marketers a powerful way to drive revenue and build lifetime customer relationships.”

ON24 Target will offer a range of new features to help marketers better cater to their most vital prospects and accounts. This includes:

  • Analytics Dashboard: Provides a 360-degree view of holistic content experiences, the individual asset performance and engagement analytics at the prospect and account level.
  • Content Insights: Creates a detailed report on all interactions with content, including views, unique visitors, the most engaged accounts, and how much it’s been shared, that marketers can leverage to determine which assets to use for specific personas and funnel stages.
  • Calls to Action: Natively embeds customized CTAs throughout each content experience, helping move buyers into sales conversations.
  • ON24 Media Library: A central hub for all your content, making it easy to manage, schedule and publish your full slate of on-demand webinars and multimedia assets.
  • Content Ratings and Comments: Gather real-time, direct feedback from attendees that remains private.

“There’s always a difficulty for marketers in being able to find the balance between tailored personalization and scalability,” says Sharan. “ON24 Target solves this age old marketing dilemma, offering marketers an unprecedented win-win.”

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