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What should your Explainer Video Have?

An explainer video is a short video that contains information about a business’s product or service. Usually, a single video is made for an individual product or service. These videos usually have a theme and match the tone and style of the business. Explainer videos are most displayed on the landing pages of business websites. It has been observed that customers get more attracted to a product or a service if they watch a video of it in action. Explainer videos are created for several purposes, including introducing a new product, advertising, marketing, etc.

Tech products can be difficult to sell to a layperson. Anyone who is not familiar with technological jargon finds it difficult to understand the purpose and use of a tech product. For all such customers out there, a tech product explainer video is the key. The explainer videos are supposed to showcase the working of that tech product and why customers need it. And in addition to that, watching a video is always fun! If customers enjoy the video, they are more likely to be attracted to the product.

Tips for creating impressive tech product explainer videos

Here are some tips for building a good tech product explainer video for marketing/sales campaigns –

  • Get a well-written script

The base of any explainer video is a script. Which makes it one of the vital elements. Make sure your script includes answers to questions such as ‘Who are you?’, ‘What products do you provide?’, ‘Who will be your target audience?’, etc. Take an outside opinion to find out how well your script justifies your product.

  • Keep it simple

A good explainer video starts with addressing the problem to which you have a solution. This should ideally take 20 seconds. Then the video should move on to introducing the solution, which is your product. Keep it short. The video should then explain how your product works before giving the viewers a call-to-action.

  • State benefits instead of features

Customers get confused with jargon such as ‘8000 mAh of battery power.’ So, instead of showing off the features, you should mention how the product will benefit the customers. For example, this product gives you 8 complete hours of battery life.

  • Use a professional voice

Your explainer video’s lack of professional voice can quickly take it down from a 4-star rating to a 1.5-star rating. People seem to trust the voice of a professional. The dialogue delivery is very vital as that is what makes the most impression.

  • Add suitable music

Music is a tone-setter in any explainer video. You will be surprised to find what wonders music does. Having a perfect tune/song in the background affects the way customers look at the product positively. Using a famous song (without copyright infringement) can take your video a long way.

Tools for creating impressive explainer videos

Here are the tools that can help you create impressive explainer videos efficiently: – 

  • iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is a complete package when it comes to explainer video making tools. It allows its users to create conversation stimulations, record a live-action video, make a screencast, enhance the video with infographics, add music and/or voiceover, etc.

  • Camtasia

Camtasia is an amazing screen capturing tool. It also enables webcam recording. With Camtasia, you can add eye-catching effects, titles and annotations to your explainer video. Camtasia has its music library. You can choose a track from the library or upload your own.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a leading video editing tool. The users must upload a pre-recorded video onto the software. You can edit your video to add layering, motion graphics, composting, sound design and tilting as well. Adobe Premiere Pro can create videos of any quality you desire, right from 8K to virtual reality.

  • Powtoon

Powtoon is a PowerPoint presentation-based tool. It has a huge library of templates that can be quickly edited to make awesome explainer videos. The most amazing thing about Powtoon is that it offers a variety of animation styles.

Making an explainer video is a starting point to building a good brand framework. It is recommended to take professional help if you are new to the trend. Combining all the aspects into a single perfect video may sound very difficult, but it is achievable with proper resources and direction. Always remember, to use real-time analytics and turn them into insights to improve future versions of your explainer videos. 

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