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Visulon Launches ReVue – A Fully Integrated Digital Selling Tool for Streamlined Collaboration and Increased Automation

Visulon, a leading provider of B2B enterprise SaaS solutions, has launched its latest digital selling tool, ReVue.

Visulon has unveiled its latest digital selling tool, ReVue, which has been extensively tested by clients and boasts a host of features to streamline collaboration and increase automation. The fully integrated platform, which was deployed during the pandemic for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, has generated significant interest from other major brands. The tool offers simultaneous multi-edit collaborative line presentations via video conferencing, eliminating page loading delays when using another gateway such as Zoom or Teams.

ReVue’s features include tight integration with cloud data and images, enabling the importation of assortments planning , grid views, and collections, as well as multi-season, multi-year cloud product search. The platform is also designed to enable infinite canvas, marketing campaigns, and marketing videos. Users can merge multiple documents, sort by customer, create custom order carts, and use EDI/SAP or JASON API connectivity to place orders.

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In addition to multimedia hotspots, ReVue allows for the quick importation of 360-turn and Vi3Dx compressed 3D images, as well as ppts, pdfs, XLS, tables, GIFs, JPGs, or PNGs. Users can also access their Planograms, Visulon DAM, Libraries, Dropbox, or local drives. The platform is ideal for regional and global presentations, internal hindsight meetings, color/concept reviews, milestones meetings, line development, line finalization, costing reviews, and internal presentations.

ReVue also offers customized cart functionality to enter customers’ buys and comments, providing the ability to export to Excel and PDF for various reports. Parent-child document creation is also available for regional or local distribution while keeping track of all changes from PLM and other data sources in near real-time.

Visulon’s Digital Selling Platform, ReVue, is 100% cloud-based, maximizing real-time collaboration among stakeholders of global brands. The company specializes in providing B2B enterprise SaaS solutions to eliminate manual methods and enable the formulation of a digital, enterprise-wide GotoMarket strategy for apparel, fashion, and sports multi-channel large brands.

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