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The Market at Malcolm Yards Introduces Innovative Food Hall Experience Powered by GoTab

Leading restaurant commerce platform reimagines the ordering and payment experience for food hall guests and vendors, integrates with self-service solution PourMyBeer

GoTab, a leading restaurant commerce platform (RCP), today announced its partnership with The Market at Malcolm Yards, the landmark 19,000 square foot Minneapolis-based food and beverage hall, to introduce an innovative, new ordering and payment experience for guests while driving sales and efficiencies for its unique array of vendors. Located in the historic Prospect Park neighborhood, The Market anchors the greater mixed-use Malcolm Yards development, a vibrant live, work and entertainment community center adjacent to the University of Minnesota’s East Bank Campus.

Leveraging GoTab Pass, a radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, The Market at Malcolm Yards is reshaping the food hall guest experience to make it faster, easier and more seamless for guests to order and pay from multiple vendors all on one tab. With a quick and simple tap of a branded smart card, the Pass technology allows Malcolm Yards visitors to charge items from any of its 10+ vendors back to a single tab, driving increased order sizes for vendors. Creating a seamless ordering and payment experience for guests, GoTab Pass has the ability to send timely SMS order notifications to individual guests on the tab.

“Innovation is at the core of our business model as we seek to create meaningful experiences for our guests that are inspired by the neighborhood’s history of industry and invention,” said Patricia Wall, of the Wall Cos., developer of Malcolm Yards, and owner of one of the restaurant concepts located within the Market. “By introducing GoTab’s Pass technology to the guest experience, we’re reshaping how guests navigate and interact with our variety of chefs and local vendors. We are making it easier and more seamless to order from multiple merchants, all on one tab. What’s more, the RFID card technology is especially great for family and group dining, with the ability to pre-allocate funds, set spending limits for younger guests, or easily split tabs at the end of the visit. This is just the beginning of our digital journey to create a richer experience for our guests while supporting our vendors with more efficiencies and sales, and we’re incredibly pleased with the results so far.”

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Further supporting The Market at Malcolm Yards’ digital-first experience, GoTab has also integrated with a self-serve beverage technology company, PourMyBeer. PourMyBeer enables self-service access by allowing guests to pour their own beer, wine and other available beverages while paying by the ounce. Thanks to the PourMyBeer and GoTab integration, all pours are added in real-time to the guest’s tab. Unique to the industry is how GoTab’s RCP simplifies PourMyBeer’s integration by managing the RFID card activation and eliminating the need to sync each system’s product catalogs. Together, GoTab and PourMyBeer are empowering The Market at Malcolm Yards to increase speed of service, operational efficiencies, order size and guest satisfaction.

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“The traditional approach to operating a food hall is outdated,” said Tim McLaughlin, CEO and Co-Founder at GoTab. “Guests don’t want to wait in long lines or create separate transactions with each vendor. The traditional food hall operating model is cumbersome for guests and makes accounting and payout inefficient for vendors. We engineered a new model for managing multi-operator venues and integrated RFID to uniquely solve those issues. We’re excited to partner with The Market at Malcolm Yards to support its growth as a modern, guest-first food hall and are confident this community hub will continue to reap the benefits from its partnership with GoTab and PourMyBeer.”

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