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Slidecast Is Reimagining Virtual Presentations and Remote Selling With a New Product Class

Slidecast is reimagining virtual presentations and remote selling with a New Product Class

Slidecast’s vision is to disrupt the way organizations give presentations with an intuitive, all-in-one tool for creating and delivering presentations, with built-in follow-up tools and engagement analytics.

Slidecast is reinventing how businesses and sales professionals deliver presentations by putting simplicity at the center of the experience of creating, delivering, and following up with slide-based presentations.

The traditional approach to slide-based presentations and meetings has historically involved videoconferencing over a set of slides, which fails to resonate with a modern audience and creates challenges for businesses trying to combine various tools for creating and delivering presentations. Slidecast is the culmination of 4 years of developing a solution to this problem. Slidecast is the world’s first all-in-one, no-software system for creating and delivering presentations, monitoring engagement, and sending follow-ups.

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Highlights of Slidecast’s unique features (when compared with other solutions) include:

  • No software downloads or installs are needed to use Slidecast or to deliver or receive a Slidecast presentation
  • Easily create beautiful presentations by importing your existing PowerPoints or using Canva’s design tools through the new Slidecast-Canva integration.
  • Slidecast’s platform does what would previously require five or more separate tools, simplifying the presentation process
  • Track engagement throughout the presentation, slide by slide, for every recipient, with built-in analytics
  • Deliver self-guided presentations via text message or email (valuable for asynchronous team meetings or as a sales call follow-up)

“There’s no doubt that the tools businesses have for building and delivering presentations are out of date and cause a lot of eye-rolling and face-palming in meetings, at least internally for people. Compare this to the improvements in other technology verticals, and you can see why it became clear we needed to build Slidecast,” said David Rendall, Chief Technology Officer.

“People’s expectations during modern sales calls go far beyond wonky PowerPoint sales pitches delivered over zoom,” said Sean Scott, Director of Customer Success, speaking on the use of Slidecast in sales departments. “Consumer behavior has evolved, with people expecting more educational approaches to sales, so it’s time for the company’s sales tools to evolve to match those expectations.”

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Slidecast has integrations with several of the leading CRM platforms, which allow data to automatically be synced and also allow users to create workflow automations. This includes integrations with…

  • Zoho allows you to send presentations and text messages to your contact database, track account history, and more.
  • Hubspot, which includes the same capabilities as Zoho, but with the added ability to trigger automated workflows in Hubspot, such as sending an email campaign when a prospect views a particular slide (e.g., when they see the pricing slide)
  • Zapier allows you to set up integrations between Slidecast and thousands of other platforms. Salesforce users can use this Zapier integration to connect their Slidecast account to their Salesforce account.
  • Canva is a powerful design platform for non-designers. This enables users to design presentations in Canva and then deliver them with Slidecast’s powerful presentation delivery and monitoring software.

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