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SHOP&TREE Supports E-Commerce Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

SHOP&TREE enables entrepreneurs, businesses, and buyers to engage in debt-free e-commerce to offset packaging material’s devastating impact on the ecosystem.

SHOP&TREE is a Germany-based company working on reviving the climate and atmosphere through a tree-planting project in Tanzania. The basic idea is to spread awareness about trees’ value in filtering CO2 from the atmosphere and help face global warming by linking tree packages with online shopping.

SHOP&TREE is all about involving the owners and operators of online shops and their customers to augment reforestation and preserving an essential treasure of our environment.

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The vision is to link any online order with a tree plantation act to allow the online shop customers to compensate for their carbon footprint caused by packaging material and shipping.

The SHOP&TREE project is an excellent illustration of combining forest restoration, renaturation, and agro-forest farming, creating employment opportunities in Tanzania, sustainability education lessons to the local community, and helping Tanzanian farmers overcome poverty and hunger.

“Our ecosystem is in a dire situation, and with every online order, we are fueling the damage to forests and making the planet more vulnerable to climate change and disasters. It is high time that all sectors of society are integrated to create a secure future for humanity. The project we are launching is called SHOP&TREE to raise awareness among the business community and its customers about the consequences of packaging and transit procedures. ” added Irene Smetana, Founder and Initiator SHOP&TREE.” When an online sales site works with us, the forests can regrow and cancel out the deforestation effects. There are several packages that the e-commerce company can choose based on marketing and budgeting strategy. ”

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Features and Packages:

All online companies can add a tree package to their e-commerce sites regardless of their supporting systems.
When a shop aims for helping save the planet and contribute to climate protection, and to compensate for the carbon footprint caused by online shopping, packaging, and delivery, here are few solutions SHOP&TREE proposes:

1. The shop can add a tree package as a new standard shipment option, including one tree per order and delivery. In this way, every order leads automatically to a tree planting act.
2. The second tree package comprises a sponsorship by the online shop to plant a fixed amount of trees with every order. Customers are not paying an extra amount for the tree, but they are notified about the trees being planted as part of their order.
3. Another plan includes the tree package as an add-on in the checkout process. In this case, it is entirely upto the buyer to book a tree package to compensate for his delivery.

Many people who feel the burden and guilt of their carbon footprint will be happy to shop in stores that work with SHOP&TREE.

A bonus aspect is a seal awarded to websites that plant trees in collaboration with the project. This is a clear expression of their commitment to the ecosystem.

These plans and packages directly support many tree projects in developing countries like Tanzania to enhance development, reduce poverty and promote education. The four tree projects in Tanzania expand on 229,700 hectares with 15 different individual areas.

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