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Pipedrive Introduces Smart Docs To Enhance Remote Sales And Help Close Deals Faster

Pipedrive, the leading CRM for sales and marketing teams, today introduced two new sales documentation features: Smart Docs Basics and Smart Docs Pro. Helping users streamline and automate how their teams create, send, and manage sales-related documents, Smart Docs consolidates the entire sales documentation process remotely and securely in one place, ultimately allowing teams to close deals faster.

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Pipedrive introduces Smart Docs to enhance remote sales and help close deals faster. Helping users automate how their teams manage sales-related documents, Smart Docs consolidates the entire sales documentation process remotely and securely in one place.

“Although sales has gone through tremendous changes in the past year, the goal for all sales teams has remained the same – to meet revenue targets. With the massive shift to digital, Pipedrive supports salespeople with all the tools they need throughout the sales cycle, especially when working remotely,” said Krishna Panicker, VP, Pipedrive. “Without ever having to leave their desk or couch, salespeople are able to find high quality leads, send proposals, communicate with prospects, and get the deal signed. Getting all these things done in one easy to use and intuitive app makes the whole process faster, more efficient and convenient for the salespeople as well as their customers.”

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Smart Docs Basics users can create auto-filled templates and offline sales documents that automatically pull information from their CRM – saving time, reducing manual labor and resulting in fewer errors. The documents are automatically tracked, so when a sent quote, proposal, or contract is opened by a customer, users are notified, helping them to take action when the deal is hot. Smart Docs Basics is included in Pipedrive’s Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

With Pipedrive’s Smart Docs Pro users can:

  • Sign electronically: the new cloud-based eSignatures functionality allows documents to be signed without needing extra software, making the process significantly faster and more secure.
  • Share documents internally: easily grant access of all templates to all users in a central storage location, or apply specific permissions to each document to allow certain colleagues or teams to access
  • Unbranded sending: removes the Pipedrive logo when forwarding docs or requesting eSignatures allowing users to promote their business without any confusion for their customers.

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