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MomentFeed’s Location Finder Makes Local Store and Restaurant Landing Pages Easier Than Ever to Build and Find

New Location Finder Templates and Widgets Enable Multi-Locations Brands to Enhance and Quickly Build Local Landing Pages Proven to Increase In-Store Traffic, SEO Performance and Consumer Engagement

MomentFeed, the leader in mobile consumer experience management for multi-location brands, has made it easier than ever for multi-location brands to build and maintain accurate landing pages representing their physical store locations. With the launch of Location Finder Templates and Widgets, MomentFeed is providing multi-location brands and digital agencies with simple, elegant and SEO-ready components that can be used to enhance and build their own ‘local landing pages’. Fueled by MomentFeed’s own location data assets, brands can choose from multiple templates and content widgets to provide location-specific content to engage and convert online consumers to customers.

“Local landing pages have become the most authoritative signal that search engines use today to recommend a local business to consumers, making them an indispensable asset for any brand using SEO to drive customers to their physical locations”

MomentFeed Location Finder is a best-of-breed solution that boosts SEO to ensure consumers receive the most relevant information to call, visit or navigate to a local store, restaurant or branch. Widgets, Templates and Custom Pages provide three distinct options for multi-location brands looking to maintain and harness the power of local landing pages to improve SEO and create a great user experience at scale.

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“Local is the secret sauce of any full-funnel SEO campaign. Location landing pages allow you to compete on longtail keyword sets where there is less competition capturing generic, branded and ’near-me’ searches. These types of searches influence e-commerce buying behavior and drive in-store visits,” said Jason White, Director of SEO, The Hertz Corporation.

“Local landing pages have become the most authoritative signal that search engines use today to recommend a local business to consumers, making them an indispensable asset for any brand using SEO to drive customers to their physical locations,” said Robert Blatt, CEO and Chairman of MomentFeed. “The more visible and complete your locations are, the more consumers will see your brand, engage with the content, and the more in-store visits you’ll drive. It sounds obvious and simple yet it is incredibly hard and complex to consistently manage and optimize SEO for thousands of local landing pages at scale. MomentFeed Location Finder continues to be the go-to solution for brands that want to leave nothing to chance when it comes to their search results and location visibility at the local level.”

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To help multi-location brands create and maintain their critical local landing pages, MomentFeed offers three effective options:

  • Location Finder Widgets (NEW) – Designed for brands who want to enhance their existing local landing pages or want to quickly build their own. Brands maintain full control over their pages and can choose from multiple location-specific widgets including location details, menus, reviews, social icons, promotional images and custom buttons for online ordering, reservations and more.
  • Location Finder Templates (NEW) – Designed for brands who want SEO-ready, mobile-first local landing pages, but don’t want to maintain or host them. With MomentFeed’s battle-tested design Templates, brands can focus on providing localized content like calls-to-action, promo images, and descriptions that mobile consumers need to make decisions. By choosing a Template, brands can roll out local landing pages in one to two weeks.
  • Location Finder Custom Pages – Designed for brands who want unique local landing pages that match their website, but don’t want to host them. MomentFeed designers provide a customized page layout using pre-built page components and can integrate with a brand’s existing software such as booking, reservations or appointment scheduling.

In addition to local landing pages, MomentFeed’s Location Finder also offers a Store Locator solution to help consumers find stores near them when they search on the brand’s website as well as a Location Directory to help search engine bots crawl the brand’s local landing pages by providing a hierarchy of links related by geography.

More and more multi-location brands looking for a competitive advantage for their physical store locations are turning to MomentFeed for a holistic platform that combines the best of SEO with the best of location management and consumer engagement capabilities. MomentFeed’s Mobile Consumer Experience (MCX) platform helps each brand’s locations become more discoverable, get more customers through the door, and drive revenue—all in a single place. The MCX platform consists of several synergistic products including Visibility Manager, Location Finder, Social Media Manager, Paid Media Manager, Reputation Manager and Connect to integrate with your enterprise systems and bring insights to life with 3rd-party data.

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