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Lucd Partners with BrownStone Advisory for Launch of AI Sales and Marketing Enablement Platform

Lucd and Brownstone Advisory’s AI Sales and Marketing Enablement Platform Will Automate Inside Sales, Outside Sales, CRM Services, Corporate News, and Content Delivery

Lucd, an Enterprise AI platform and solution services company announced it has partnered with BrownStone Advisory, the premier outsourced sales company for launch of an AI Enabled Sales Platform.

Lucd and BrownStone Advisory’s AI enabled sales platform will accelerate corporate pipeline and revenue growth by automating Inside Sales, Outside Sales, CRM Services, Sales Engineering, Corporate News, and Content Delivery.

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“Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the centerpiece for corporate strategy in the next decade. Lucd serves as the foundation for AI and ML infrastructure in many growing and expanding organizations,” said Russ Loignon, Senior Vice President Market Strategy. “With the release of our Enterprise AI Platform Governance and Explainabilty functionality, Lucd is delivering a product that is changing the Enterprise AI industry.”

“The Lucd partnership allows BrownStone Advisory to integrate AI into the sales process.  Insights into buying strategies and purchasing initiatives can be accurately identified,” according to Dee Ann Stone, Managing Partner. “The delivery of AI enabled structured content can elevate pipeline growth by developing messaging that is tailored to sales prospects.”

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By unleashing the power of data, the Lucd Enterprise end to end AI platform allows all businesses to utilize the power of artificial intelligence responsibly. Lucd builds competitive digital advantage through leveraging data assets, Digital ROI, and providing the ability to exploit market knowledge. Lucd develops pioneering capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Fusion and Machine Learning while providing secure governance and explainability.

BrownStone Advisory supplies out-sourced Inside Sales, Outside Sales, and Sales Engineering; providing sales and marketing solutions to growth oriented companies. Lead by Dee Ann Brown Stone, an entertainment distribution industry executive, BrownStone delivers out-sourced sales to domestic and global companies manufacturing corporate growth and sales expansion.

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