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IQAX chosen for prestigious ‘2022 Top 30 Cases on Innovation of Shipping and Logistics Industry’ in China

IQAX is in Focus as it wins prestigious award for solution that combines advanced technology with deep industry knowhow to provide end-to-end visibility of cargo.

IQAX Limited, a leading innovator of digital solutions for the logistics industry, has been named to the ‘2022 Top 30 Cases on Innovation of Shipping and Logistics Industry’.

The prestigious award, which highlights IQAX role as an industry leader, is organized by China Shipping Gazette and the China Communications and Transport Association, Shipping & Logistics Committee. It was presented on August 10.

“It is an honour to be recognised as an innovation leader that has helped shippers and freight forwarders improve supply chain agility with digitalization. The inclusion in the ‘2022 Top 30 Cases on Innovation of Shipping and Logistics Industry’ highlights our vision of empowering shipping ecosystem players to accelerate digital transformation in an increasingly dynamic environment by enhancing operational efficiency and business growth,” said IQAX CEO Romney Wong.

The aim of the Top 30 awards is to encourage firms to actively respond to national needs and create an industry culture and public atmosphere that promotes transformation through innovations in shipping and logistics.

IQAX was recognized for the innovations in its IQAX Focus solution. IQAX Focus leverages advanced technology and combines it with IQAX’s deep domain knowledge to significantly improve shippers’ visibility into their supply chains.

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IQAX Focus is a cloud-based service that draws from the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide a cold chain management solution that provides real time visibility and monitoring of the progress and conditions of cargo, including temperature, humidity, shocks, security, and more, and provides smart alerts that facilitate potential disruption identification and timely action when it is needed most.

The award underlines the value that IQAX solutions, such as IQAX Focus, bring to the shipping ecosystem.

The award was granted based on an innovation index comprised of multiple factors. Three key innovation criteria that helped IQAX nab the win included its low-carbon output and high efficiency, the reproducibility and extensibility of IQAX Focus, and progress of the success case used to validate the award.

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“IQAX’s main goal has been to transform the logistics industry with innovations tailored to meet the needs and challenges faced by our clients. IQAX Focus gives great insights on the state of goods in transit, a necessity at times when cold chain logistics is in great demand,” said Wong.

IQAX has been at the forefront of innovation in the cold chain industry, estimated to be worth RMB512.9 billion by the end of 2022, based on data IQAX published in a recent white paper on the state of the industry and its direction.

IQAX Focus has also won the Annual Digital Shipping Outstanding Award at the Annual Shipping Tech Leaders Awards.

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