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Increase Sales For Your Business Or Generate Significant Online Revenue As A Content Creator!

World, a new app designed for social e-commerce users, brings buyers, sellers, and affiliates together on one platform designed to reward content creators with commissions, business owners with better sales, and buyers with access to exciting new products.

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You can call them content creators, influencers or affiliates, these people can help sellers attract more customers. World Platform adds an extra layer of protection for sellers because they only pay a commission on products that are actually sold by an influencer/content creator/affiliate, rather than having to invest thousands of dollars up front for brand visibility. The benefits go both ways. A lot of talented people can use their imagination or their influence to create content for sellers to earn revenue. All they have to do is post photos of the product they want to promote, enter the affiliate code for that product and wait for the seller to approve their post.

As a seller you post your products and create your online shop. You can add and manage products inventory so that customers can add your products to cart. Or you can add a post and receive messages for your products. If you want to grow your business you can accept affiliates to promote your products, using their own content to attract customers. You can set a different commission for the products. As an affiliate you can help others to sell their products. All you have to do is create a seller account, post great content and wait for the seller to approve it. You get commissions for every purchase made from your posts.

To raise funds for further development and expand their user acquisition initiatives, the developers of the World app are using their Indiegogo campaign to offer attractive packages and discounts for early adopters and backers. There are four types of seller accounts: “Grand Seller,” “Premium Seller,” “VIP Seller,” and “World Best Seller”.

To reach their stretch goals, expand their user base prior to their intended February 2022 release, and reward their investors even further, the World development team is currently offering a 12 percent commission on every dollar that backers help to raise for the campaign through Kickbooster.

Backers receive further rewards for any future investors they refer who then contribute financially to the campaign. For example, a user could refer 1,000 backers to contribute to the campaign. If each of these individuals contributes a minimum of $1, the original backer will receive the Grand Seller/Affiliate package or account type free for one year, which is a reward totaling $360.

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