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GoDocent Launches New Green “Zero-Code to 100% Delivered” QR Code-Based Solution for All Businesses

Theo Chilicas and Michael Jimenez announced the launch of GoDocent Inc. (, a new company that seeks to revolutionize how brands interact with consumers.

According to the company’s website, “GoDocent connects consumers to your brand in the most efficient and effective way possible — bridging the gap between in-person and digital communication.”

Unlike most QR code companies that only create QR codes that direct you to one action, GoDocent enables anyone to create a GoDo Pin Page which auto-generates an associated GoDo QR Code, allowing the visitor to take an unlimited number of actions.

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In essence, GoDocent allows brands to bypass programmers, designers and hosting websites when they want to create mini web pages that are connected to scannable QR codes. Your custom GoDo QR Code can be a simple sales page or a full event app!

As Mr. Chilicas elaborated, “After a combined 50 years of experience developing communication vehicles and tradeshow experiences, we recognized a huge need. The need is for companies to be freed from the middlemen between their brands and consumers. For brands to truly be nimble, they would need a code-free, design-free, and affordable way to deliver useful and actionable information to their audiences, in real-time.”

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This easy and effective way to create action-oriented single-page websites is so revolutionary, it’s still to be determined how many different kinds of uses there will be for GoDocent.

“GoDo QR Codes act as a digital docent, guiding users to branded GoDo Pin Pages,” continued Mr. Jimenez “From these instantly created Pin Pages, consumers can view videos, slideshows, collateral, contact you, or whatever other actions and information brands want to deliver.” He continued, “GoDocent is a Green-First company. Connections and decisions are all enabled instantly and digitally, from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. So all the printing, shipping and delivery costs usually associated with collateral are saved by the company—and for the environment.”

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