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Connatix and PubMatic Partner to Offer Publishers More Transparency in Programmatic Video

Video Platform One of First to Integrate with PubMatic Cloud, Launched in Juneconnatix_PubMaticConnatix, the next-generation video platform for publishers, today announced a new partnership with PubMatic to bring increased transparency to programmatic video. One of the first partners to integrate with PubMatic Clouda solution launched in June for publishers and tech companies looking to implement and control programmatic technologyConnatix can now more readily provide programmatic buyers with increased visibility into the nature of their relationship with publishers. Via its video player, Connatix can now pass signals such as ads.txt directly from a publisher’s page to programmatic buyers.

PubMatic Cloud offers a rich set of APIs in a fully-vetted, configurable solution and integrations with more than 200 demand-side platforms (DSPs) and other buyers. The solution also includes PubMatic’s robust ad scanning, fraud detection, and brand safety tools so clients can ensure quality control. As programmatic trading becomes even more mainstream, innovations such as header bidding and fraud controls have resulted in gains for publishers. However, these new technologies have often proved challenging for publishers to successfully integrate, which has left programmatic buyers questioning the quality and brand safety of the video content they are buying. This transition has called for greater transparency across the digital supply chain and more visibility for publishers and advertisers.

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“We are continuously pushing industry standards to deliver the best user experience and monetization opportunities to publishers in a transparent way, and partnering with PubMatic helps us accelerate this momentum. Not many SSPs offer something similar to the PubMatic Cloud model, which showcases the power of PubMatic’s open programmatic platform,” explained Connatix Chief Revenue Officer Jenn Chen. “Together, we’re driving 25% more yield than similar offerings. It’s exciting to see those dollars flowing to our shared clients due to a more efficient synergy of technologies specialized in different aspects of monetization talking to each other.”

With a server-to-server integration between Connatix’s video platform and PubMatic Cloud, the technology layers needed to deploy programmatic video are consolidated, directly connecting the player and video formats to the ad serving technology and monetization. The partnership brings publishers and buyers closer together from a technological standpoint, allowing for greater transparency and a deeper level of information to exist across the chain.

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“For more than a decade, we have been fine-tuning our platform, building a global infrastructure, integrating hundreds of demand partners, attracting and retaining engineering talent, incorporating machine learning and more,” said Jeff Hirsch, CMO and head of US publisher development at PubMatic. “We’re excited to work with companies like Connatix to ensure publishers and advertisers experience ongoing success in the video space. We’re already seeing a major lift in performance, and Connatix has been an outstanding partner.”

From its inception, Connatix’s mission has been to help publishers deliver successful content experiences without compromise. By partnering with PubMatic Cloud, Connatix can now offer enhanced visibility and help publishers deliver brand-safe environments for advertisers.

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