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Qorus Platform Connects Sales and Bid Teams, Helps Win More Business

A Business Has the Highest Chance of Success When Its Sales, Proposal, and Marketing Departments Are Equipped to Work Together as One Team. In the Modern World of Sales, it Takes a Village to Close a Deal. Qorus Has Evolved to Become the Sales Enablement Platform That Connects People, Content, and Data to Help Its Clients Close More Deals.

Qorus Software is best known for its intuitive proposal and RFP management software but as Ray Meiring, CEO and co-founder of the company explains, it has been evolving to meet the needs of a modern business; “For example, we know that if you want to craft a truly compelling proposal you need to understand your prospect’s requirements and tailor your proposal to meet those requirements. Well, the same principle applies to content created by a sales rep who is engaging with prospects on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t matter whether they’re answering a client’s questions by email, sending out a proactive proposal, or working on a pitch – all the content they send to prospects should be highly personalized.”

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According to Meiring, Qorus has seen many of its clients responding to this evolution by extending the use of their bid and proposal software to their Sales teams.

In the modern world of business development, it takes a village to nurture and close a deal. It’s not the responsibility of just the Bid team or just the Sales team. It’s a collaborative and strategic process that involves close collaboration between these teams, as well as Marketing and Partner teams.

“An RFP database is a good example of this collaboration,” explains Meiring. “Many organizations spend a lot of time and money creating and managing a Q&A database to accelerate their RFP process. But how often are sales reps asked the very same questions? And how often are they using old content or making up the answers as they go? If you have already invested in a Q&A database for RFPs, why is it proprietary to the Bid team? Why wouldn’t you open it up to the Sales team and empower them to close more deals?”

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Qorus Has Embedded Sales Enablement Technology

Sales teams are not the only ones to benefit from this evolution. Qorus has added popular sales enablement technology features to its platform, including Share & Track, which enables Bid teams to uncover deep insights into how their prospects engage with proposals and RFPs.

“Suddenly Bid teams have a new way to assess the quality of their content. They can see which pages are the most compelling, where readers lose interest, and how they engage with the document.”

Many of Qorus’ clients use the platform as a self-service tool for their Sales teams, enabling them to draft RFP responses for lower-value or less strategic opportunities.

“Getting RFP capabilities into the hands of the Sales team is a very effective way to accelerate sales and boost productivity, while enabling your Bid team to focus on complex and high-priority opportunities.”

Qorus is the sales enablement platform that connects people, content, and data to get to market fast and win more deals.

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