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Intelligent Demo Automation Platform Now Available in Office 365 App Store

As part of a sprint of product innovations, Consensus announced this morning the availability of its Intelligent Demo Automation Platform for Pre-Sales teams in the Microsoft 365 App Store. Customers, including solution consultants and sales engineers at Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Autodesk and others, will now enjoy a deeper integration and a richer experience within their Microsoft tools. This includes the ability to create, add, and track interactive video demos, and gives full visibility into buyers’ consumption behaviors and preferences in Outlook from the Consensus Demolytics engine.

With the complexities involved not just in selling but around the asynchronous nature of B2B buying, this represents an important step towards improving that experience.

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“Making sure that Presales and Sales reps are able to send and track interactive video demos from directly within their normal workflow is key to adoption,” said Brian Zurcher, Head of Product at Consensus. “Most of our larger enterprise software customers use Outlook, so this is a big boost to productivity.”

The Microsoft 365 App Store hosts hundreds of technology add-ins, but very few of these are targeted directly at Presales teams, who’s high training requirement and historically personnel-heavy approach has stumped B2B innovators for years.

“The benefit this brings to us as an organisation is that we are now able to offer our users the flexibility of how they send their DemoBoards; Consensus Snap with Google Chrome or using Office 365,” commented Andrew Stephen, a Solutions Consultant Manager from The Access Group. “Whichever they choose, the user experience is the same, which is really important. The Consensus Office 365 Add-in significantly reduces the time it takes to embed a DemoBoard into an email, which will only lead to an increased usage of video content within Consensus.”

Adoption of Consensus Intelligent Demo Automation has surged in the last couple of years as more and more global Pre-Sales and Sales leaders embrace Buyer Enablement to improve the B2B experience. Presales teams use interactive video demos as chameleon assets that provide an on-demand, customized experience for each viewer. This forms the backbone of the Demo Qualified Lead (DQL) strategy that has resulted in a 95% qualification rate for Presales teams that implement, versus the median qualification rate of 70% reported in the industry.

The inclusion of an interactive video demo platform like Consensus in the Microsoft 365 App Store allows Microsoft customers to easily adopt and implement demo automation technology that meets Microsoft’s high standards for security and data protection.

“We’re excited and grateful to be included in the 365 App Store,” said Garin Hess, Founder and CEO of Consensus. “Our goal is to continually improve the way we empower Presales professionals to make their impact felt along the customer journey. While the vetting process was rigorous, the convenience and insights that this integration provides to our Microsoft users are worth the journey.”

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