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ZineOne Now Allows Marketing Teams to Create, Control and Measure Consumer Experiences Across All Devices

AI Personalization Leader Adds Ease, Efficiency and Greater Sales Conversion Potential in the Hands of Business Users

ZineOne announced the release of new product features to its powerful Machine Learning-based Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE) platform. These features enable both enterprise business users and technical solution developers to meet the needs of changing consumer buying patterns. ZineOne’s new features allow business users to access pre-built customer experience templates, such as Product Urgency and Real-Time-Offer opportunities, within the UI to launch and manage hyper-personalized customer experiences. Also, within the UI, technical solution developers can now build customizable templates. The result is a more robust platform that empowers brands to engage swiftly and react to online visitors in real-time to encourage sales while technical solution developers can build templates to meet data-driven consumer buying patterns.

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ZineOne gives business users the power of instant offers and more.

“As we’ve seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer consumption behavior changes rapidly. Our brands need to be able to meet these changes swiftly in real-time and be able to plan superior, hyper-personalization e-commerce campaigns based on the data they see today,” says Manish Malhotra, CPO, and co-founder of ZineOne. “Today’s announcement addresses the need to create better and more personalized customer experiences and will allow for future growth for both our brands and our company.”

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One of the main takeaways from NTT Ltd’s Annual 2020 Customer Experience Benchmarking Report is that personalization is a crucial weapon in the marketer’s arsenal. That’s how businesses deliver tailored recommendations, content, offers, and experience across all channels and devices throughout the entire customer journey. Personalization at scale has the potential to create $1.7 trillion to $3 trillion in new value.

Business Users Can Leverage Product Urgency and Real-Time-Offer Features to Enhance Personalization

Now enterprise marketing teams and business users can take advantage of two new powerful features on the ZineOne ICE platform. The Product Urgency template allows for the display of unit product sales to inform the shopper of the number of units being sold in real-time to encourage sales. The Real-Time-Offer templates provide business users a way to engage with shoppers ‘in-the-moment’ who are on-the-fence over a purchase with contextual content relevant to them. These new features actively enhance a business user’s ability to create engaging, hyper-personalized shopping experiences to encourage sales. Business users can also follow online shoppers from device to device throughout the purchase decision process.

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