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Upland Altify’s Latest Release to Further Streamline Sales Process

Upland Software Had Recently Acquired CRO Solution Company Altify to Help Businesses Improve Overall Sales Execution

One of the forerunners in the field of Cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software, Upland Software Inc. released the latest version of its CRO (Customer Revenue Optimization) solution, Altify. This will help simplify the Sales process through smarter analytics with Tableau and Salesforce Einstein, enhanced relationship map visualizations, and better integrations with apps within the CRO ecosystem.

The CRO and Account Planning maestro, Altify forms the core platform of Enterprise Sales Optimization solution suite by Upland that helps organizations grow revenue by simplifying the Sales cycle. It contains Sales Process Automation, RFP and Sales Proposal Automation, Customer Reference Management, Opportunity and Account Management, and Robust Content Operations.

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Upland’s Altify enables a million users at over 9,000 accounts to automate business processes, engage and win customers, share data across departments, and manage projects.Olono, Revegy, Clari, Seismic, and SalesChoice are the companies offering services similar to Altify while Workfront, Planview, and Clarizen are in competition with Upland Software.

The latest release of Altify makes the complex process of Sales much simpler, smarter, and more connected. In this way it works towards Upland’s vision for CRO, making the buyer’s journey suitable for both sides. Everything from strategic planning to delivering continued customer success and further up-sells is made convenient by this release.

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The Latest Release of Altify Features:

  1. Enhanced Insight and Relationship Maps to understand customer goals, pressures, and initiatives and to recognize the most important players and target audiences.
  2. Smarter Analytics to provide amazing insights with Salesforce Einstein or Data Visualization platform of Tableau.
  3. A more connected revenue team.
  4. Easier on-Boarding for intuitive user experience.
  5. Seamless integrations to sync data across various CRO ecosystem partners such as Xactly, Anaplan, Gainsight, etc.

Sean Nathaniel, CTO of Upland and Executive VP of Workflow Automation Solutions explained that revenue teams were in need of a simplified, yet intelligent, and collaborative approach to align with the consumers in order to deliver the value that they expected. “The latest Upland Altify release changes the game, making it much easier for companies to understand their customers and execute on a customer revenue optimization strategy to accelerate sales,” Nathaniel quoted.

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