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Extensive Mapp Cloud Product Update: Improved Insight-Led Customer Engagement

Insight-based User Segments provide basis for innovation

Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer engagement, released a comprehensive range of product updates for its digital marketing platform Mapp Cloud.

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The Spring Update package includes 13 innovations, integrations, and add-ons that further expand Mapp’s leadership in customer intelligence, marketing analytics, and cross-channel marketing.

The new applications will help marketers to work smarter and more efficiently, and are available immediately to customers.

Michael Diestelberg, VP Product & Marketing at Mapp, comments: “With the latest features, everyday marketing tasks become much easier. The updates will support our 3,000+ customers in a wide variety of areas. I am particularly proud of the seamless activation of granular user data made possible with just a few clicks within the Mapp Cloud. Thanks to AI, we are setting a new standard for regular customer interaction based on reliable insights.”

From data to clicks: Seamlessly usable customer data for targeted marketing

At the core of Mapp’s product developments are Intelligence-based User Segments. These provide a direct link between Mapp Intelligence, the AI-enabled customer analytics solution, and Mapp Engage, the cross-channel marketing solution.

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The insights provided by Mapp Intelligence allow user segments to be configured in just a few clicks. In the hands of Mapp Engage, these insights enable customers to send automated personalized marketing messages to end-users based on very specific characteristics. This capability can be activated across all channels.

Thanks to this integration within Mapp Cloud, marketers now have the fastest way of turning reliable, data-supported insights into targeted marketing activities. Customers can seamlessly share segments and metrics between Mapp Intelligence and Mapp Engage. Create smart user segments based on all the data and insights available in Mapp Intelligence, including page views, product interactions, customer journey and user attributes. Mapp Engage also allows manual customization of common user segments.

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